Wildlife around Thornton Creek, Victory Heights

Photos by Robert Gordon


Barred Owl

Photo by Robert Gordon

Two Barred Owls

The owl shots were taken in a tree next to Bob’s driveway on NE 103rd St. And the coyote was taken several years ago under the same tree. I wonder, has anyone had any coyote sightings lately?

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2 Responses to Wildlife around Thornton Creek, Victory Heights

  1. Ruth Williams says:

    These are amazing pictures!

  2. Harriet Sanderson says:

    Our neighbor, Mark Hadley, reported seeing the coyote a couple months ago. He lives at end of NE 103rd St also, but we are southwest of the creek, by the wetland project. The owls are nearly daily visitors here also, but maybe a different pair? Does anyone know?

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