How Large Is Victory Heights Anyway?

An article in last month’s Seattle Times about Victory Heights put the northern boundary of the neighborhood at NE 125th Street. The writer interviewed people at the Dick’s Drive-In in Lake City and claimed it as part of Victory Heights.
Even the Seattle City Clerk’s Graphic Indexing Atlas includes most of Lake City.
Where does this put the Pinehurst neighborhood?
Where do you define Victory Heights?

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  1. Su says:

    I live on 98th street near Lake City Way and we are affiliated with the Maple Leaf Community – have been for the past 50 + years. Also, our neighbors all along 98th say we are Maple Leaf and their children enroll at Sacajawea school as Maple Leaf residents. Note: there is a city sign on 15th Ave. and 103rd stating Maple Leaf starts there. I’m confused with this map!

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