Democratic Caucuses Sparsely Attended

No one from Precinct 2316 attended the Democratic Caucus.

The turnout for Democratic caucuses today in the 46th District was extremely low compared with four years ago. Only three people from Precinct 2309 (the area between NE 100th and NE 105th east of 20th Ave) and none from Precinct 2316 (between 105th and NE Northgate Way) turned up to select delegates that will move on to the Legislative Caucus and Country Conventions to be held later this month.
To the surprise of no one, President Obama had the unanimous support from the few attendees.

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4 Responses to Democratic Caucuses Sparsely Attended

  1. Ruth Williams says:

    My precinct, 2314, just west of NE 15th and south of N’gate Way, and which used to be considered part of Victory Heights, had five great people attend. We were able to get our allotment of 4 delegates, with one alternate, which was nice.
    Thank you for setting up this blog, Ryan!

    • Ryan says:

      Hi, Ruth. I didn’t mean to exclude your precinct. Did you meet at the Summit/Jane Adams School or somewhere else? Five people was a pretty good turn-out for any precinct from what I saw on Sunday. A real change from 2008 when it was standing room only!

      • Ruth Williams says:

        Yes, we were at Jane Addams, over by the windows. It certainly was a lot quieter than 2008!!
        No worries about not including us in your precinct list. We’ve always been sort of a stepchild and will probably annex ourselves to a different community council when we get around to it. . .

  2. Cindy Rose says:

    Ryan, Had a chance to read through your Blog and thoroughly enjoyed how ‘newsie’ it is. Also, I (admittedly) cracked up when I saw the empty table at the Caucus from last Sunday…good for you! I was so amused that you had the thought to take a picture of the empty table to illustrate the apathy in our neighborhood re: this particular issue. What is it one of my favorite progressive news talkers (am 1090) says? Oh yeah: “Get Out There And Get Active…Tag, You’re It!”.
    Be Well!
    Cindy Rose

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