City To Clean Up Park Graffiti Within 10 Days

Left: the back of the backstop. Right: the front of the backstop and the tagged building

After vandals spray painted graffiti in Victory Heights Park last week, the city promised that Seattle Public Utilities would have it cleaned within 10 business days. Tagged were both sides of the basketball backstop as well as the side of the community building which currently is used as a daycare center.

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2 Responses to City To Clean Up Park Graffiti Within 10 Days

  1. Mary Schultz says:

    Hi Ryan,
    Just wanted to clarify that the community center is used as a 4 year preschool run by North Seattle Community College. It has been a pre-school for a number of years and has always had tagging issues.

  2. Ryan says:

    The wet paint signs are up at 4:30 PM on Thursday, the affected areas have been repainted. Good work, City of Seattle!

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