Place of Towering Firs Blog Archives Added

Prior to the Victory Heights Blog’s existence, you might have visited Lynnette Spear’s Place of Towering Firs blog. Lynnette is involved with the Thornton Creek Alliance and has helped organize the Victory Heights Garden Walkabouts for the past three years. She updated her blog frequently up until January of this year but recently has not had the time to work on it. After a joint meeting yesterday with Harriet Sanderson, one of the main promoters of Place of Towering Firs, it was decided to add their content to the Victory Heights Blog so residents can find all the information and articles in one central place. Thanks, Lynnette and Harriet, for being so generous and helping our blog grow and be a part of the Victory Heights community.
Visit our archives to view past articles, just click on the date on the right side of the site.

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