More Resources For Bill Pierre Properties Development

In addition to the meeting planned on May 19th to discuss the future development of the Bill Pierre properties in Lake City, there will be a chance to meet the team informally this Thursday, and a new blog has started.
May 3rd at Kaffeeklatch, 12513 Lake City Way NE, at 7 PM, Douglas Park Cooperative and Families for Lake City are hosting Marty Curry and UW interns. They will conduct  mental mapping exercises to help focus their vision of Lake City.
The same team have started also a blog, Lake City Way Visioning Project.
The meeting on Saturday, May 19th opens for registration at 8:30 AM and begins at 9 AM at Nathan Hale High School. Help come up with ideas for what should be done with the Bill Pierre properties and how it will impact Lake City Way for years to come.

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