"Stranger Danger" Prevention Meeting For Adults August 14th

Despite the recent “assault” case in Victory Heights Park turning out to be a hoax, Amy Lang is hosting a meeting for parents and adults (no kids allowed) to learn how to keep kids safe from “stranger danger” and abduction on Tuesday, August 14th (the same evening as the Victory Lane Block party, which is where I’ll be at).
The meeting will be lead by Kim Estes, a child safety expert who will enlighten attendees with non-scary and non-fear based tips and tricks to keep your kids safe in the world. The cost for the event will be $19 a person or $29 for a couple.
The address is 10209 20th Ave NE Seattle, WA 98125, and will start at 7 PM.
Amy asks that you RSVP ahead of time at amy-lang@comcast.net.

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One Response to "Stranger Danger" Prevention Meeting For Adults August 14th

  1. Cindy says:

    Out of my price range. Can someone please let me know what concerned *nonparents* can do to help?
    When I lived in Ithaca, NY, certain houses–must’ve been vetted by some organization first–had a blue light in the window, indicating that it was a safe place to run to if you were being chased or attacked.
    Wonder if something like that would work here.

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