Graffiti Returns To Victory Heights Park

Over the weekend, vandals struck Victory Heights Park yet again and tagged both sides of the basketball backstop as well as the side of the community center.  A report has been filed with the City of Seattle which promises to remove it within 10 days.

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3 Responses to Graffiti Returns To Victory Heights Park

  1. Air says:

    That’s why we need a proper mural here. Giant empty spaces are prime locations for this kind of garbage.

  2. Speck says:

    Good to see it gone this morning.
    I’m not sure a mural will fix the problem. The basketball court has been targeted multiple times over the years, so it is probably a well known target among vandals. I’ve seen lots of beautiful murals with graffiti covering them around town. But, for lack of a better solution, I guess a mural is better than nothing.

  3. Ryan says:

    Rick writes, “So I was sitting at the basketball court bench at VH park around 9pm this Wednesday, when a tan sedan thumping bass music passed by. The passenger had his window down and his head was half out the window. I swear I heard him say ‘yeah it’s gone, it’s gone’. I chucked for a moment as they drove off. Anyhow thought you might find this observation amusing.
    “I have a low tolerance for graffiti and usually keep a can of remover in my restoration backpack- I just haven’t been around the neighborhood lately doing that stuff.”

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