Burglar Discovered During Break-In

Julie on NE 107th reports,

Jens and the kids pulled up to our house about 45 min ago to find a black athletic bag to the side of the front steps of the house.  They went inside and found the bathroom window wide open.  On going back outside to the front porch, a young man was running off down the street with the bag.
Description of the man (from the back):
White, in his twenties with dark brown hair cut short in the back, longer on top. Medium height. Wearing khaki shorts, a blue/tan/grey letter jacket, black high tops with white laces.
In the black bag:
a couple movies, a couple audio books, a beer, cigarettes, and some pieces of white cardboard
I’ll report this to the police shortly.

A few neighbors reported seeing suspicious window washers working the area last week.
There were also a number of reports about car vandalisms that occurred on Saturday on 20th Ave NE and NE 105th Street.

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