Dogs And The City

As I walk around the neighborhood lately, I’ve noticed a spate of homemade signs asking dog owners to pick up after their animals. There are many pets and animals living in Victory Heights and we all need to behave courteously to each other in order to maintain a harmonious community. Nobody would want to find human excrement on their property, dog droppings are no different. Please cleanup after your pet. City law has fines up to $109 for violations.
Along that lines, I heard from Karen on our Facebook page and she wrote,

Just wondering if anyone else has noticed the dog problem at Victory Heights Park. It has become increasingly popular for people to bring their dogs there off-leash even though it is ILLEGAL. My kids love this park, but over the summer we had to quit coming and go to Meadowbrook instead because there were so many dogs. This is very concerning to me especially because my son has special needs & a great fear of dogs. Any ideas on how we can approach this with the city or police department?

Please obey the laws concerning animals, we don’t want to have to call the police about your off-leash pet. Here is a link to off-leash areas in Seattle.

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3 Responses to Dogs And The City

  1. Irina says:

    Dog owners are always responsible for their pets, and it is always illegal to have dogs off-leash in the city outside of specific areas. Here is Seattle Animal Control’s suggested actions:, echoed in a recent conversation with an Animal Control officer. If your child is afraid, talk to the owners. If the owner is not helpful, then take a note or a photo of the dog running loose and report it. More information on how Animal Control is here to help (noise, poop, etc.) is here:

  2. Rachel says:

    We have lived in Victory Heights for 30 years and dogs running off leash at the park has been an ongoing problem. Please notify Seattle Animal Control, they have been known to have an officer sit at the park for periods of time. This often discourages the illegal behavior, for a while anyway.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Perhaps when the new Maple Leaf Park’s off-leash area opens, that will be a nearby sanctioned dog area that Victory Heights residents can enjoy. May cut downon off-leash activity in VH park.

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