Lost Cat on 23rd Ave NE

Ardi and Fred write

Our gray and white kitty is missing.  He is tall with long legs and long tail.  He does not have a collar on.
Last seen around 2 pm on Monday at the corner of 104th Way and 23rd NE
His name is Supah
We’d love to know if you have sighted him.  We are very worried.
The Luptons
206 526 0470
206 661 0728

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  1. Ryan says:

    Ardi updates us on Friday the 5th:
    “Our kitty is still missing, but there have been two sightings of him. He just seems to not want to come home. I saw him just last evening run across the road near Kim’s house in front of my car on 104th Way. I don’t know why he doesn’t find his way home. He recently had to go to the vet and he has not been the same since.
    Because he has been new to our household, we do not have photos, but he is long with an extremely long tail and long legs. His body is dark gray and his legs are white. He is just over a year old. He has a pink nose.
    His name is Supah (like super without the r) It means “Little Boy” in Vietnamese.
    The coyote was seen just over a week ago calmly trotting down the street. I have seen it in years past doing the same thing (if it is the same one). It is very comfortable in our neighborhood and is finding lots of food (our pets) and easy prey.
    Thanks to all who are keeping their eyes peeled for our missing kitty. We continue to hold hope that he will come to his right mind and come home.

  2. Deborah says:

    Have you found your cat? there’s a posting on the Maple Leaf Blog about a gray cat that was found: http://www.mapleleaflife.com/

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