Victory Heights Community Council Meeting October 10th

Susan Causin, Victory Heights’ representative to the North District Council, has announced the inaugural meeting (or at least the first in nearly a decade) of the Victory Heights Community Council and invites all our neighbors to attend.  The meeting will be at 7 PM, Wednesday October 10th at the Seattle Mennonite Church on 125th between Lake City Way and 35th (the old Lake City Theater location that long-time residents might recall).  The parking lot can be accessed by an alley from 125th alongside the church or on 33rd.
On the agenda will be the following items:
Introduction and purpose of meeting – Shammara Estrada
History of Victory Heights Community Council – Brad Cummings
Victory Heights and social media – Ryan K. Johnson
LCNA, Pierre Report and other Lake City area questions – Janet Arkill
Funding projects – Eileen Canola
Open forum
Agenda for the future
Please come and help build our community (and find out why we can’t use the Community Center at Victory Heights Park for meetings).  See you there!

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