Abracadabra – Head Rush Espresso Vanishes

Now you see it, now you don’t.  Head Rush Espresso, the infamous “bikini espresso stand,” disappeared from the car park of the former Italian Spaghetti House (soon to be Bob’s Lake City Liquors) on Lake City Way today.  The stand which was constructed on the site in May and opened in June presumably lost its lease for the site which will be used as a parking lot for the new business still being remodeling.  Never popular with residents, with the bikini stand gone are we now just left with the lessor of two evils?

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2 Responses to Abracadabra – Head Rush Espresso Vanishes

  1. Victor says:

    How do you figure that alcohol sales are the “lesser of two evils”, and who are you to say what’s evil or not. I would hope that no one judges you the way you obviously judge others and what they do

    • Ryan says:

      I didn’t say that Victor, I merely asked if that is what people thought. Personally I am not offended by what some would call vices (pot, bikini-clad barristas, liquor) but I have definitely heard differing opinions about this from people. That’s why there is a comment section here.

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