What To Expect At Thursday's Community Meeting

On Thursday, November 29th at 7 PM at the community center/day care at Victory Heights Park, residents can attend the next meeting of the Victory Heights Community Council. “Community” is the watchword here, the council is YOU. Folks like Susan Causin, our representative to the North District Council, are merely organizing this, but it’s really about neighbors getting together and working to put forward ideas and concerns to the community.
The purpose of the Community Council is to empower the people in this community to identify problems and seek equitable solutions, based on a sense of community trust, for the betterment of life, both in our community and city wide. Issues of concern can be reported to the District Council and in turn to the Department of Neighborhoods.

The preliminary agenda for the meeting is as follows:
7:00-7:05   Welcome and recap (Susan Causin)
7:05-7:15   Victory Heights Community Council By-Laws (Eileen Canola)
7:15-7:25   Fill Council officer positions (Susan Causin)
                     Vice President
7:25-7:30   Communication methods (Ryan K. Johnson)
7:30-7:40   Greenways (Janine Blaeloch)
7:40-7:50   Neighborhood police (Officer Kip Strong)
7:50-8:00   Next steps (Susan Causin)
We hope you will all attend. See you on Thursday!
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