Obama Overwhelmingly Wins Victory Heights

President Obama during the State of the Union Address (official White House photo)

I’m sure to the surprise of no one in Victory Heights, President Obama won a huge majority of votes in last month’s election in the neighborhood’s two main precincts.
According to results on the King County Database, in precinct 2309 (the area between NE 100th and NE 105th east of 20th Ave) the results were:

  • Obama: 214 votes (83%)
  • Romney: 35 votes (13%)
  • Other: 9 votes (3%)

In precinct 2316 (between 105th and NE Northgate Way):

  • Obama: 307 votes (83%)
  • Romney: 45 votes (12%)
  • Other: 16 votes (4%)
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