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Video: What's big and furry and likes to climb trees?

I spotted this large raccoon yesterday waddling across my backyard in the middle of the day, pretty much on the same path that many of the neighborhood cats use. Today I caught it in action near the side of my … Continue reading

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Neighbor Appreciation Day February 9th

While not quite the household name that Valentine’s Day is, Seattle’s Neighbor Appreciation Day turns 19 on Saturday, February 9th. It’s billed as, “a special day to reach out to neighbors, create new friends, and express thanks to those who … Continue reading

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The Case Against Sidewalks

A very common complaint about neighborhoods in Seattle north of NE 85th Street is the lack of sidewalks on many residential streets. This is due to the fact most were built before these areas were annexed to the city in … Continue reading

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Thornton Creek Alliance Meeting January 24th

The Thornton Creek Alliance‘s monthly meeting will be Thursday, January 24th with the theme “How’s The Water Quality In Thornton Creek?” Featured guest speakers will be Jonathan Frodge, Seattle Public Utilities (SPU) Stormwater Scientist, and Sherell Ehlers, SPU Stormwater Policy … Continue reading

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Community Council Approves By-Laws; Elects Officers

On Tuesday, the Victory Heights Community Council met at the Pre-School in Victory Heights Park and approved new By-Laws and elected a slate of officers and Board Members. Twenty-two residents attended the meeting, many of whom found out about it … Continue reading

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Victory Heights Community Council Organizing Meeting Tuesday

The resurrected Victory Heights Community Council will be having its organizing meeting this Tuesday, January 15th at 7 PM at the Co-Operative Preschool building in Victory Heights Park (we recommend bringing your own chairs, the preschool’s are all for small … Continue reading

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Draco The Duck Returns Home Safely

On Thanksgiving, urban farmer Terri Bell (see previous article about her goats), noticed her drake (the aptly named Draco) had disappeared from her Victory Heights backyard when her attention was distracted. It was assumed Draco had been a victim of … Continue reading

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