Victory Heights Community Council Meeting Feb 19th

The monthly meeting of the Victory Heights Community Council will be on Tuesday, February 19th, starting at 7 PM at the Pre-school in Victory Heights Park. Everyone in the community is encouraged to attend.
[Update] Council President Ardi Lupton says the agenda will include:

Safety for women (I have printed out the safety information) 15 copies.
Recent crime reports.
Art Brochet from transportation department would like to speak on the upcoming repaving in Lake City

I imagine the local “crime wave” might be a topic of discussion with the number of robberies, car prowls, and mysterious midnight callers being reported in the neighborhood lately.

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One Response to Victory Heights Community Council Meeting Feb 19th

  1. Hi Ryan,
    I can give the community council some updates on the status of Thorton Creek (pollution levels & what’s being done) from a Thorton Creek Alliance meeting I attended, as well as updates from the Citizen’s Telecommunications & Technology Advisory Board (CTTAB) as pertains to grants, the gigabit project, etc.
    I definitely would like to discuss options for better community awareness re: security. Too close to home… 🙁

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