VH Blog First Anniversary

Today is the first anniversary of the Victory Heights Blog. It all got started when I got up one morning to find a note my wife had left me, “I think you would be perfect to start a blog about Victory Heights.” I had never done a blog before but on April 9, 2012 I figured, “What the heck.”
The original blog was hosted on WordPress, and promoted on a few e-mail distribution lists and posters around the neighborhood. It was soon thereafter I heard from the Pinehurst Seattle folks wondering if I was connected to the North District Council. Unbeknownst to me, the North District Council (which up until then I had never heard of) had been talking about starting a blog for Victory Heights, put up some money, and had even purchased a domain name, victoryheights.org. But the folks on the fledgling Victory Heights Community Council hadn’t found anyone to work on it yet. When they saw my blog, we decided to combine forces and the blog officially moved over to where it is now. A month later, another former local blog, Place of the Towering Firs, agreed to post their old content here as an archive (which is why you’ll see articles here older than April 2012).
Since then, the Victory Heights Community Council has officially been organized, with regular meetings on the third Tuesday of each month at the Pre-School in Victory Park (next one is April 16th at 7 PM). There are also plans to hold a summer picnic for the community, as well as emergency planning work being done.
Thanks to everyone who has supported the blog and continue to read it each day. Don’t forget to “Like” our Victory Heights Blog Facebook page if you haven’t done so already.

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