City Wants Internet Feedback

The City of Seattle wants to hear from residents about your use of the Internet , preferences in receiving information from the City and how they engage with their local government and community.
Take the survey in English or Spanish before April 20th
The Technology Survey covers:
•    Internet,
•    Cable TV customer satisfaction,
•    How you want to give your opinion or get info from the city
•    Social media preferences,
•    Cell phones usage,
•    Concerns about cost or security
•    High-speed Internet services
Answers from this survey will help shape the City’s strategic and engagement efforts regarding cable re-franchising, the City’s web site, Seattle Channel and public outreach. It is also used by others to help plan community outreach and education programs.
My little editorial about this is, I can’t see the city not awarding the cable franchise to anyone other than Xfinity (Comcast). They have invested millions into infrastructure and would not just walk away without a huge fight (i.e. lawsuit). But perhaps the city can extract concessions from Xfinity with regards to service for low-income residents, internet access, or public access channels. But don’t expect the name on your monthly cable bill to change anytime soon (barring yet another corporate name change or merger).
For more information on this Information Technology Indicators Project, visit or contact or David Keyes at 386-9759 or Vicky Yuki at 233-7877.

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