Northgate 'Hidden Treasures' Walking Tour Saturday

This Saturday, August 17th, join Feet First Neighborhood Walking Ambassador Karen Meadows as she shares 43 years of Northgate’s hidden treasures.
Karen will introduce you to Jaeger, the Dahlia Man and the local landmark Golden Chain tree with an amazing Wisteria Vine growing in her yard. You’ll stroll by the Idriis Mosque, the biggest mosque in Seattle and learn more about Victory Creek Park. At the Northgate Mall, the first covered mall in the country, you will discover what happened to the Northgate Totem Pole. Beyond the covered asphalt, enjoy the walk in the woods by the Northgate library and to see the famous Thornton Creek. Karen will also provide you an overview of the proposed Pedestrian/Bicycle Bridge across I-5 from the Northgate Link Light Rail station to the community college and what this means for the neighborhood.
Stay charged up during the walk, bring your mug! Free coffee will be available for all participants.
The walk starts at 10 AM and ends around 11:45. For more information, visit the Feet First Meetup site:

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