Crime Wave Strikes 17th Avenue NE

On Tuesday, a resident on 17th Avenue NE saw two black men in the 20s approach her neighbor’s house around 10 AM, knock on the door, determine nobody was home and then left. About 15 minutes later, the neighbor’s burglar alarm went off when intruders broke a window on the side of the house (away from the watchful resident) and quickly stole an iPod and laptop and got away before police arrived. Moral of the story: if you see suspicious activity, call the police. Other residents reported seeing the two men knock on other doors along 17th Avenue.

Have you seen me? Last spotted on the traffic circle at 17th Ave NE & NE 107th Street.

Have you seen me? Last spotted on the traffic circle at 17th Ave NE & NE 107th Street.

Also, one of the sandwich-board yard signs used by the Victory Heights Community Council has gone missing. It was last seen on the traffic circle on 17th Avenue NE and NE 106th Street until it disappeared sometime before Tuesday evening. Any information about where it might be would be appreciated, contact the blog:

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2 Responses to Crime Wave Strikes 17th Avenue NE

  1. Nancy says:

    Were they in a car or on foot? The week before I saw two guys casing my neighbor’s house in a similar manner. They drove a dark gray Honda sedan with a moon roof. I got the license # if you want it.

    • Kristina W says:

      You should inform the police at the North Precinct of what you saw–and next time, please take action and call them immediately. If it turns out to be nothing, oh well, but if these are the guys that would be an intense relief to the entire neighborhood, especially to the blocks that keep getting robbed over and over.

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