Preschool Missing Vacuum Cleaner

Shelby from the Victory Heights Co-Operative Preschool reports:

Our upright vacuum cleaner and  a bag of replacement bags has gone missing from Victory Heights Cooperative Preschool.
We think it may have been inadvertently left outside near the trash cans in front of our preschool in Victory Heights Park.  Perhaps someone thought it was being thrown out and decided to take it for themselves.  This vacuum was donated to our preschool and will be quite expensive to replace, as it was a high-quality vacuum.  As you can imagine, we need a good vacuum cleaner to clean up after our 80 preschoolers!  Before this really nice one was donated, we actually replaced our vacuum cleaners often, as the cheaper ones just can’t stand up to the dirt out kids make! 🙂
Could you please ask the Victory Heights community, via your blog, if anyone has our vacuum cleaner and would be willing to return it, no questions asked?

E-mail the blog if you have any information on the vacuum’s whereabouts.

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