CleanScapes Awards $50,000 Waste Reduction Prize To Neighborhood

CleanScapes (our garbage haulers) has announced the winners of their annual Neighborhood Waste Reduction Reward program. The neighborhoods of Maple Leaf, Lake City, Victory Heights, Pinehurst, Wedgwood won the 2012/2013 competition.
They will receive a $50,000 community improvement project selected by community representatives and funded by CleanScapes. In this annual competition, CleanScapes challenges the neighborhoods it serves to reduce their solid waste footprint.
Proposed projects must be easily accessible for active use by the public and can cost up to $50,000. To be eligible for consideration, proposals must be for a capital improvement project located in the winning neighborhood collection area.
The Victory Heights Community Council (along with I’m sure, the councils in Lake City, Pinehurst and Maple Leaf) will have to come up with something that will fit CleanScapes’ criteria. To be honest, I was unaware there was any sort of competition with other parts of the city (but, yea us!), and who wants to sneeze at $50,000 in free money?
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