Upcoming Events Schedule

Here are upcoming events and meetings around town you might be interested in:
Thursday, January 30: Thornton Creek Alliance Meeting. 7 PM, Meadowbrook Community Center, 10517 35th Ave NE. “Learn about important renovation projects, planting details, community benefits, and how you and your family can volunteer to get your hands dirty.”
Thursday, January 30: Parks Legacy Plan Meeting. 7 PM, Bitter Lake Community Center, 13035 Linden Ave N. As the Parks Department works on its proposed ballot measure, the Lake City Community Center would like to see funding increased. Come show your support.
Friday, January 31: Chinese New Year. 7 PM, Lake City Community Center, 12531 28th Avenue NE. Demonstrations and a Chinese Lion Dance at 8.
Saturday, February 1: Hands-On Skills Fair 2014. 10:00 AM-5 PM, Meadowbrook Community Center. Presented by Sustainable NE Seattle. Skills include beer brewing, bike repair, gardening, sewing and more.
Sunday, February 2: SuperBowl XLVIII. 3:35 PM, Channel 13. Find a friend and cheer on the Seahawks versus the Broncos.
Wednesday, February 5: North District Council Meeting. 7 PM, Lake City Library. Representatives of the Lake City Farmers Market will be there.
Saturday, February 8: Feet First Second Annual Stairway Walks Day. 10 AM, Maple Leaf and Thornton Creek. Eighteen different tours are being given around the city simultaneously featuring different stairways. Here in Maple Leaf/Victory Heights: We’ll visit Thornton Creek, the largest year-round stream in Seattle, which provides a central theme. ¬†We’ll cross and re-cross it; view it bank-side and from tree-canopy height. And we’ll see how it’s been re-engineered by both humans and animals.” Lead by Ruth Williams, President of the Thornton Creek Alliance. The walk will take 4.7 miles, 326 steps down, 136 steps up. Cost is free although they ask a $5 donation per person. Space is limited, sign up here.
Saturday, February 8: Neighbor Appreciation Day. A citywide event sponsored by the Department of Neighborhoods.
Saturday, February 8: Passport to Imagination. 10 AM – 2 PM, Northgate Community Center, 10510 5th Ave NE. An event for families and kids to inaugurate their new playgound.

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