Coyotes In Victory Heights

UPDATE: Reader John recorded the coyote early Monday morning. He thinks it “sounded like s/he was up on the hill between 98th and 100th, probably on the south side of Thornton Creek.”

Saturday night, a number of coyotes were heard howling near Thornton Creek by 21st Avenue NE. Occasionally coyotes have been spotted in Victory Heights in previous years, though they are mostly nocturnal. Those of you who let their cats outside at night are advised to bring them inside. Between coyotes and raccoons in the area, pet owners need to be cautious.

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3 Responses to Coyotes In Victory Heights

  1. Pat Shuler says:

    Four to five cats have been reported missing in VH in the last month. Don’t know if any of them were found. Keep your cats safe and in the house at least at night.

  2. Rachel says:

    They have been waking us up for several nights now. Our neighbors Great Dane barking seems to scare them away. When people lived down on the creek, there was one guy who used to shoot off his gun to scare them away. Didn’t like that very much, the big dog barking is better.

  3. Kate Waterous says:

    I heard one very near our house last night just as I was dropping off to sleep around midnight. Sounded like it was on 100th near the creek.

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