Bus Service Downtown Changes Effective Saturday

Bus signWith the Link Light Rail station open at Husky Stadium last Saturday, Metro Transit will be implementing changes to bus routes around Victory Heights that will eliminate direct bus service downtown except for commuter routes beginning Saturday the 26th.
The 72, which offered service from Lake City to downtown, will have its last run on Friday. After that, the 372 will have added runs but will only take you as far as Stevens Way at the University of Washington. From there you will have to walk 1/4 mile to the Husky Stadium Link Light Rail station in order to get downtown.  The 309 and 312 will continue to offer direct service during the morning and afternoon commutes Monday to Friday.
Over on 15th Avenue NE, the 73 will now only go as far as Husky Stadium. And service is eliminated completely on Sundays on 15th Avenue. Too bad if you want to go to any Seahawks or Mariner games, plays, events, work, or anything else you might have to do on a Sunday. You’ll have to walk over to Roosevelt and catch a bus there.
When Light Rail finally opens at Northgate in five years, hopefully east-west service will be improved on Northgate Way to make it convenient to use that station. Nevertheless, that is five years away.
Let us know if you have any alternatives to getting downtown via buses.

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2 Responses to Bus Service Downtown Changes Effective Saturday

  1. Julia says:

    It’s unfortunate that 72 was cut – it filled some good gaps for folks going from NE to Roosevelt HS and beyond. I think it’s an exaggeration to say that everything but commuter buses were cut, though. The 73 and 372 were given improved frequency and run up til midnight now. I had a slightly more positive take on the whole thing, but then again I live up past 117th St. where the 347/348 provide service 7 days a week.
    I guess we’re all in for a Sunday stroll to Northgate Way, Roosevelt Ave, or Lake City Way if we’re going somewhere. Besides walking & biking, Car2Go is another great service to use in conjunction with the buses, I’ve found. They’re usually littered all over our neighborhoods on weekends.
    To put a positive spin on this: Seattle has the beginnings of a real subway now! I tried the LINK yesterday and it is super fast from the stadium to Capitol Hill and downtown.

  2. Steff Z says:

    On Sundays: If you live closer to Northgate than to Roosevelt (and you have an extra half-hour or so to burn up, taking the scenic route), you can take the 75 to Stevens Way & walk to the light rail from there. Or to other stops in the lower U-district.
    Not optimal.

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