“Beat Back” The Blackberries on NE 104th Way on Saturday

The Victory Heights Community Council announced last night at its monthly meeting an event to help clean up NE 104th Place between 23rd Avenue NE and Lake City Way.

Read the complete minutes of the October meeting.


We’re calling “Beat Back” The Blackberries, and it will be held this Saturday, October 20th from noon to 3 PM on NE 104th Way.  A truck is being rented to haul away debris, we just need volunteers with thick gloves and rakes to come help make the edge of the street safe for pedestrians who use the street to access our neighborhood from Lake City Way.

In other news, the homeless encampment that was in Thornton Creek by the Knickerbocker site which was cleaned up by the city last month, has moved up the creek and is now camped underneath the 15th Avenue NE bridge. It’s on the city’s “queue” for intervention again by their Navigation Team as a prelude to another clean-up. Meanwhile, feel free to keep the pressure up on the city by using the Find-It, Fix-It app or call 911 if you see suspicious activity.

Upcoming events in the works: another gingerbread house fund raiser, caroling in the park (rather than going house-to-house this year), and maybe a luminata during the winter on the new pathway through the park.

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