Puppies Visit Community Council

Last night’s meeting of the Victory Heights Community Council was joined by two representatives of the Puppy Power 4-H Project who provide service animals to people in need.

Read the full minutes of the January meeting

We got to meet Jupiter who is just about to finish 18 months of living with a family and training to become a service dog. The training includes not being scared or surprised by new responses and never, ever growling. Also attending, coincidentally, was a graduate puppy who now serves a resident of Victory Heights (the dogs got on famously, they appeared to be distantly related Golden Retriever Labrador crosses). If you would like to be considered for training one of these animals, or need a service animal yourself, check out www.cci.org.

In other news, the ReVisioning Northgate committee had its first meeting this week, an organization that hopes to be able to be influential in the years to come of development in the Northgate area by involving many groups and stakeholders.

You have until January 17th to fill out a survey for development of Hubbard Homestead Park behind Target. You’ll find it here. EDIT: The Victory Creek Play Area behind QFC is being “decommissioned” per information from Karen O’Connor at Seattle Parks.

Don’t forget our two Seed Swap events, the first (to peruse catalogs and select the seeds) will be 3 PM on January 27th at the co-op preschool building in Victory Heights Park. The second to divvy up the packets and distribute them will be 3 PM on February 10th, same location.

The Victory Heights Community Council will be participating in Meadowbrook’s “Hands-on Skills Fair” from 2 – 5 PM on February 9th at their community center on 35th Avenue. We got a grant and will be giving away emergency toilets to the first 100 people!

Our next meeting will be Tuesday, February 19th, hope to see you there!

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