Emergency HUB Drill June 1st

At this month’s meeting of the Victory Heights Community Council, we previewed how our Emergency Communications HUB drill will be performed on Saturday, June 1st during a city-wide drill.

Read the complete minutes of the May community council meeting.

Beginning at 9 AM on the 1st, volunteers from around the community, including HAM radio operators, will convene near the tennis court in Victory Heights Park to take on roles in order to: 1) share information and 2) coordinate “neighbors helping neighbors.” There are no supplies per se in the HUB, just tools to help facilitate those two goals (i.e. clip boards, info books, white boards, pens, etc). Other volunteers can participate by using pre-scripted scenarios to simulate the kind of actions that the HUB might be called upon during an actual emergency (for example, a lost dog, reporting a gas leak, having a chain saw available for use) and then matching those to other “reports” which come in. It’s a great community-building exercise and absolutely essential to help one another in case of disaster of some sort where help from the city at large might be days, if not weeks, in the coming. Please come by and participate, it’s fun!

In other news, we learned about earthquake early warning systems, scheduled the next community yard sale (Saturday, June 15th), and heard the virtues of the Lake City Farmers Market which runs Thursday next to the library beginning June 6th.

The next meeting of the community council will be Tuesday, June 18th with guest speaker Vicki Stiles, a historian who can tell us what was in Victory Heights before the houses!

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One Response to Emergency HUB Drill June 1st

  1. Ann Forrest says:

    Great synopsis, Ryan. Drills ARE fun! Come by the Victory Heights playground between 9am and 11am and check out the “Hub”. Show your support for the volunteers in our community who have raised their hands and assumed a role in this exercise. You will learn SO much! The Hub network is truly a grass-roots network; we are all volunteers.
    Activating the Hub and participating in a city-wide drill is a lot of work and we all have busy lives. Don’t miss this chance to witness the Hub in action! We guarantee you won’t regret it.

    Hope to see you there!!

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