August Weekend Activities

You have a choice this Saturday (August 17th) of two different activities.

The first is another Stop The Bleed first-aid course, to be done completely free on the 17th at the Meadowbrook Community Center, 10517 35th Avenue NE between 10 AM and 11:40 AM. “Bleeding is the leading cause of preventable death after injury. Emergency responders will arrive as quickly as possible, but bystanders are almost always there first. Learn how to “Stop the Bleed” – and maybe save a life!” Sponsored by the Lake City Emergency HUB. Click here to sign up.

The second event is Victory Height’s own 17th Annual Jokumfest Jazz Festival. This annual party is held in the backyard of Gary Schudie’s house, 2021 NE Northgate Way. Live music begins at 3 PM and goes until about 10 PM. There will be beer, food, and jazz, all they ask is bring a side dish to share.

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