Northgate Pedestrian Bridge Construction Begins Monday

The long, long gestation cycle for a pedestrian/bike bridge over I-5 to connect North Seattle College and the Link Light Rail station at Northgate turns a corner on Monday, January 27th as construction begins.

Read the complete minutes of the January Victory Heights Community Council.

For many years, this blog has been talking about building the bridge (read about it here, or here, or here), and at this month’s community council meeting we finally discovered there is an actual start date next week. Three support pillars will be sunk into the ground, one east of the freeway, one west of the freeway and one in the median. The bridge span will be prefabricated in two sections and then during alternative 5-hour freeway closures, each span will be swung across to set from pillar to pillar and meet in the middle. Work will continue until the opening of the light rail station in September 2021.

In other community council news: the gingerbread house sale was a big hit, we made $180. The Welcome Wagon is gearing up (know of new neighbors? Let us know). And Lake City has a new community blog: .

The next meeting is Tuesday, February 18th at 7 PM at the co-op preschool building in Victory Heights Park.

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