New 500 Apartment Unit Coming to Northgate

As part of the transformation around Northgate before Link Light Rail service begins in just over a year, a new 500-apartment building is scheduled to be developed on 8th Avenue NE where the Kindred Medical Facility was located, just south of Total Wine. There will be parking for 240 cars. If you want to know more about this project or comment, please see this pdf about the proposal.

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2 Responses to New 500 Apartment Unit Coming to Northgate

  1. Jennifer says:

    Why don’t they have 500 parking spots? While going carless is a great ideal, most people still have a car. Please stop our neighborhood from becoming full combat parking.

  2. Yadira says:

    How can we follow this and see if i want to move in on one of those units ☺️

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