Utility Art Box Project Wins City Grant

A neighborhood project lead by Ben Cober to have all the gray utility boxes in Victory Heights decorated by local artists has won a city matching grant to pay for the artists and the graffiti-proof appliques that will be made. Here is the press release by Ben:

Good morning neighbors,
As we head into our first, windy November weekend, we wanted to share an update with you on our grant application to the City.
It is my pleasure to inform you that we received the notification this week that we have indeed won the grant for our neighborhood art project!
This wonderful project will help:

1. Provide relief funds to Seattle artists, the curators of our regional culture, through an incredibly-difficult time;

2. Facilitate an exciting, uplifting program for us to rally around this winter;

3. Further develop an inviting, creative, beautiful Victory Heights identity.

I can’t thank all of you enough for your support in this project, whether through your assistance in selecting our artists, your donated funds, your volunteer hours, or as one of our project partners. The groundswell of engagement in this initiative¬†was a critical component of the panel choosing to fund it.

With the time needed to finalize paperwork and contracts with the City, giving the artists all the time they need to create their works, finalizing signal box-owner artwork review and approval, and the printing and installation of the vinyl wraps, I do not expect to start seeing this wonderful artwork gracing our streets before the end of the year.
However, once the paperwork is complete and our artists are underway, we’ll begin coordinating our Wonderful Winter Webinars so that you can virtually meet the fantastic artists who are at the heart of this project.
Until then, stay safe and well, and thank you for helping us reach this exciting achievement!

Ben Cober
On Behalf of the Victory Heights Community Council

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