Fall Bus Changes Retain Direct Rush Hour Service Downtown

Even after a bus re-organization this October announced by Metro transit, Victory Heights will still have direct service downtown during commuter hours. With the opening of new Link Light Stations at Northgate and Roosevelt starting October 2nd, a great deal of new bus routes are designed to get riders to stations rather than provide direct no-transfer rides downtown, which has generally been the rule until now. But two new routes, the 320 and 322 (replacing the 312) will run between Kenmore and downtown Seattle during rush hours, with stops at various Light Rail stations along the way.

The new route 320 will serve Northgate Way and the Light Rail Station at Northgate before getting on the freeway for downtown service. There will be 15 inbound trips in the morning between 5 and 9 AM, and 16 outbound trips in afternoons from 3 PM to 7:30.

The new 322 will travel down Lake City Way and then Roosevelt Way to serve the Roosevelt Light Rail station, with freeway travel between there and downtown. There will be 16 inbound trips between 4:40 AM and 9 AM, and 21 outbound trips from 3 to 7:40 PM.

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