Three More Mayor Mondays, Jessyn Farrell on July 28th

Mayor Mondays, where Victory Heights invites the various candidates for Seattle Mayor to meet us and make a presentation (via Zoom) concludes with three more before the August 3rd primary.

On Monday, July 26th, Dr. Bliss will be joining us starting at 6 PM. Then on a special Wednesday night session on July 28th, Jessyn Farrell (rescheduled from an earlier date). And finally, on Monday, August 2, Casey Sixkiller. Then it will be time to fill out your primary ballots and have them postmarked by the 3rd. To get Zoom credentials to join in, write to our email:

Read the entire minutes of the Victory Heights Community Council meeting.

In other Victory Heights news, the parks department is going to look at the large weeds that have mainly replaced the grass in the field. However, they won’t fix the wooden fence that runs alongside the east side of the park next to 19th Avenue NE: if they city were to replace it would be with an ugly metal highway barrier. Bleah!

On July 4th, a car took out one of the new art utility boxes on 23rd Avenue NE. Comcast replaced it with a temporary box but as they don’t need it any more, instead it will be permanently replaced with a flush cap. We will attempt to reuse the artwork on a future project.

Neighborhood Night Out is coming Tuesday, August 3rd. Get together with folks on your block so you can know your neighbors and be better ready for disaster preparedness (or just general safety).

Food Truck Fridays continue at the park each Friday from 11 AM to 2 PM. And don’t forget the Lake City Farmers Market by the library every Thursday afternoon.

Coming soon: The Silly Walk!

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