Light Rail Extension To Northgate Opens

On October 2nd at 4:51 AM, the first light rail train with passengers left the Northgate Link Light Rail station heading south to two new stations, downtown, the airport and to Angle Lake. At 10 AM, politicians, Sound Transit officials, and other stakeholders officially opened the John Lewis Memorial bike/pedestrian bridge connecting the station with North Seattle College.

Seattle Mayor Durkan speaks at the
dedication of the new John Lewis
Pedestrian Bridge
District 5 representative Debora Juarez
State Representative Gerry Pollet
John Lewis Bridge Ribbon Cutting

At the new University District Station, Seattle Mayor Durkan was joined by King County Executive Dow Constantine, who also addressed crowds on Saturday.

King County Executive Dow Constantine
Mayor Durkan addresses the crowd at the UW Station

In addition to the new Light Rail station, there are many changes to bus service around Victory Heights including the new route 20 and 320 that run along Northgate Way and continue to Lake City, and the 322 which runs along Lake City Way replacing the 312 and the stops the 522 made during the pandemic (it now only stops in Lake City and at the Growler Guys at 20th Avenue NE).

More photos…

A group called Seattle Subway displayed a VERY ambitious map showing proposed light rail lines throughout the city including service on Northgate Way. Note: Very few of these lines will actually happen.
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