Help Teen Feed With A Meal October 3rd

The Victory Heights Community Council supports the Teen Feed by providing meals once a month.

Read the complete minutes of the September community council meeting.

Teen Feed is a non-profit that works with the community to offer support to meet basic needs, build strong relationships and ally with homeless youth as they meet their future off the streets.  Founded in 1987, operations shifted with the emergence of COVID but TeenFeed remains a low-barrier organization that provides a hot meal to ~80 homeless youth every day of the year.   

They need our help!   

Sign Up to help us provide a hot, nutritious meal on Saturday, October 3rd. More details provided on the SignUp…

Food can be store bought or homemade – no pressure to be a Chef Boyardee! 

Menu for October:
Teriyaki chicken
Sesame noodle salad
Roasted broccoli
Peach cobbler

This is a great opportunity to come together as a community and support those less fortunate.  Please reach out with additional questions.  If you can’t help this month but would like to be contacted in the future, please contact Ann at to be added to our list of Community Cooks!

In other community council news, we have applied for a Seattle Neighborhood Matching Fund grant to apply artwork to the utility boxes around the neighborhood.

There is a sock drive being organized by a local Eagle Scout. New white socks preferred, but they’ll take anything. Write for drop-off location.

Metro Transit is now soliciting public input on the changes to area bus routes that will be implemented next September when the new Link Light Rail stations open at Northgate and Roosevelt. Visit this site to fill out the survey and check out the new and changing bus routes:

Next month’s meeting (Tuesday, October 20th) we’ll be (virtually) discussing how Halloween might be done this year. Mark your calendar.

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What is a HUB?

You’ve probably heard us talking about Emergency Communications HUBs, including the one here in Victory Heights, in the park. Contrary to how it may seem, these are not run by the city but by volunteers just like you and me. The HUB would be opened in case of a citywide emergency (e.g. an earthquake) as a means to disseminate and share information.

Victory Heights Community Council President Ann Forrest explains how it all works here in this 23 minute video:

Other video Public Service Announcements are also available on these topics:

School Reunification Plan

Get Home Bag

Technology CAN Be Useful After An Emergency

Riding Out An Earthquake In Bed

Twin Bucket Toilet

For more information, please write

Please take a moment to “Like” our Facebook page.

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Help Choose Our Victory Heights Artists

Seattle artists will soon be painting the utility boxes throughout Victory Heights. If you would like to help select which artists we bring to the neighborhood, visit this link and send in your scores by midnight, Saturday August 22nd.

If you would like to stay up-to-date on this initiative, please email

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Visit The Seattle Skeleton House on 20th Avenue NE

Since March 20th, Victory Heights’ residents Mariana and Eric Braun have put on displays in their front yard featuring a couple of skeletons. Located at 10303 20th Avenue NE, every 3 or 4 days they have changed the theme, including various local teams, Ghostbusters, or straight-up gags:

Mariana, a former social media manager, now lawyer, thought the displays would be a fun diversion during the corona virus lockdown for folks walking past their house to enjoy.

They purchased the skeletons at a post-Halloween sale last November, and along with props they have lying around, or donated by friends (such as Seattle Storm jerseys, a wig, and jewelry), they have come up with a fun and amusing addition to our neighborhood. Future themes will include the Mariners and Kraken. And if you have some extra birthday party supplies or pirate gear, they would love to use them.

You can follow them using the #SeattleSkeletonHouse on Instagram. And see all the previous displays on this page on the blog which will be updated with new photos as they are created.

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After Disaster Communications Class Sept 1st

Communicating with Loved Ones After a Disaster class will be done virtually on Tuesday, September 1st at 7 PM.


  1. Landlines – will they work after an earthquake
  2. Texting strategies
  3. VERY simple radio communications – GMRS

Heavy on useful information – Light on technical jargon
Tuesday, Sep 1st 7pm
Register to receive the Zoom link:
Questions?  Contact Ann Forrest at

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Victory Heights Public Art Opportunity

Ben Cober is behind the effort to hire artists paint the dozen or so gray utility boxes that dot the neighborhood (and are frequent targets of graffiti).

He is collaborating with the Victory Heights Community Council, Seattle Department of Transportation, the Seattle Parks Foundation, and the Seattle Neighborhood Matching Fund, with the goal to grow the beauty and identity of our neighborhood through the addition of local artists’ works to our myriad signal and utility boxes, such as the one above at 15th Avenue NE and Northgate Way.

Why do this? Utility boxes are common elements of streetscapes and provide essential electrical and communication services to our communities. By covering these permanent, nondescript elements of our neighborhood with artwork, they transform into displays of beauty and intrigue, help develop community identity, and can create a more interesting pedestrian and commuter experience while deterring graffiti. In these extraordinary times, we have the opportunity to support local artists, and create vibrant, daily visual reminders of the sites and culture that give us pride and hope as Seattle citizens. Examples of these projects can be seen throughout many iconic Seattle neighborhoods, including Ballard, Fremont, downtown, First Hill, West Seattle, U-District, South Park, and many more.

How Can You Help?
Ben is forming a citizen committee to help define an artistic vision for the signal boxes and select finalist artists from a pool of applications. Participation may require attending several video meetings and reviewing artist applications. If interested, please email this week.

He’s also looking for artists who want to be part of this (paid) project. Email him for details, the deadline is August 9th.

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Recycling Tips from Recology

During the July meeting of the Victory Heights Community Council we heard from Brooke Stoosma of Recology, our garbage collection company about best recycling practices.

Read the complete minutes of the July meeting.

There are three waste streams that are picked up in our neighborhood: recycling, compost, and good old garbage. Here’s what should go into each:

Recycling: Paper, cardboard, glass, plastic, and metal, although plastic comes with a caveat. Something that is rigid (e.g. a water bottle) is okay, but anything considering “2-D” or shapeless like plastic wrap or bags cannot, they go in the trash. So does anything smaller than 3” (“the size of your fist”). Bottle tops are okay if they are the same material as their container and are screwed on. Everything needs to be empty, clean and relatively dry (e.g. Fill a catsup bottle with ½” water, screw on the lid, shake vigorously, pour out water, tap 3 times on the rim of the sink. Done!).

Compost: Food waste, yard waste, and food-soiled paper. Compostable utensils are okay if they are marked as “100% compostable”). No Kleenex or wipes, but “clean” paper towels (without any cleaning products) are okay.

Garbage: Amazon plastic mailers, chip bags, plastic bags, straws, plastic utensils and Styrofoam. If it kills you to throw out plastic bags, they can be taken to locations you can find by searching And Styrofoam pickups can be pre-arranged by contacting SPU (maximum of 32 gallons).

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Recology Speaker at Community Meeting Tuesday

UPDATE: Rescheduled to July 28th due to technical problems. The virtual July meeting of the Victory Heights Community Council (in lieu of having the previously scheduled Ice Cream Social this month) on Tuesday, July 28th will feature a speaker from Recology, our waste disposal company.

Find out what goes where, in this virtual meeting to be held on Zoom starting at 7 PM. Log-in to: Password: 992972.

We hope to see you online this Tuesday.

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More Nighttime Northgate Construction Road Closures

Beginning Tuesday, June 30th, Sound Transit will close the Interstate 5 northbound on-ramp at Northgate Way. The nighttime closure will be utilized to form caps for the future light rail guideway. This closure will take place between the work hours of 9:30 p.m. to 5:30 a.m.


  • Roads will be closed for crews to form caps for the guideway.
  • Suggested detour route is located on 1st Avenue Northeast (see map).
  • Work consists of heavy equipment and cranes.
  • Full closures will occur during work hours and re-open during non-work hours.


  • Tuesday night, June 30th and Wednesday night, July 1st. Work will resume Monday night, July 6th and Tuesday night, July 7th.
  • Night construction work hours are from 9:30 p.m. to 5:30 a.m.
  • On-ramp will remain open outside of work hours.


  • Northbound I-5 Northgate Way on-ramp.
  • See map for suggested detour routes.

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