Reminder: Thornton Creek Cleanup Party This Sunday

Rick reminds us,

We are meeting this Sunday at 10AM. Join us as we do some climbing up and clearing around invasive trees. This is the last work party before the Washington Conservation Corps comes in for herbicide treatment in mid June. You can help do some of the prep work so we can get rid of inappropriate trees, and make room for long lived native conifer.

Sign up at the Green City Partnerships site.

What to Bring

Hand tools, gloves, eye protection, water, dress for the weather, sturdy boots and long sleeves. Extra gloves and tools may be provided. **We currently do not have a need for power tools**

Where to Meet

Meet at the creek where it intersects with the 17th Ave NE trail

Where to Park

Street parking near trail head located at intersection of 17th Ave. NE & 104th St.
**17th Ave is only accessible from the North and East**

Mini Crime Wave Over Weekend

EveryBlock has two police reports from Victory Heights over the weekend, the first, a bike theft that happened sometime during the night of Friday, May 25th in the 1700 block of NE 106th Street; the second, a forced-entry burglary in a home in the 11000 block of 20th Ave NE that was discovered on May 27th but could have occurred as early as the 24th.

In addition, over in Pinehurst on 11th Ave NE on May 27th a home invasion at a marijuana growing operation resulted in the intruder shooting the home owner. The Seattle Police Department blotter has more details.

Let It Snow

Not really, of course. But it might appear that way as you drive down Lake City Way or see the accumulations alongside NE 100th Street. The annual cottonwood colonization is in full swing right now.

Temperatures are predicted to hit 75 on this Memorial Day holiday weekend with plenty of sunshine.

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Pierre Property Workshop Develops Ideas

Don Moody, representing Bill Pierre, addresses the workshop attendees

On Saturday, May 19th, around 80 people turned out at Nathan Hale High School to brainstorm ideas for developing the Bill Pierre properties in Lake City. About half the attendees were students, interns or urban architects brought in by the University of Washington which is working with the Pierre family to plan the redevelopment of the land for the betterment of Lake City. The rest were residents of Lake City and nearby neighborhoods. After introductions by Pierre’s representative, Don Moody, people were broken up into eight smaller groups to focus on four specific sections of Lake City Way and the Pierre properties that are under consideration for development.  Afterwards, presentations on the ideas each group came up with were outlined to everyone.

While the entire exercise might just be public relations by the Pierre family and they are not bound by any of the suggestions made by the public or UW, some interesting proposals were made. Nearly every group suggested putting in a Trader Joe’s somewhere! Green spaces, pedestrian and bike paths were also common ideas, as well as some very innovative multi-use development that if built, would make Lake City a destination neighborhood in Seattle. One person even suggested a water park.

Moody made the point that it would be 2 or 3 years at the very least before the first shovel begins digging any new buildings on the Pierre properties, but if even half of what was proposed ever came to pass in Lake City, in 10 years residents (particularly realtors) might actually boast about being located in Lake City rather than these days when it’s all “Cedar Park,” “Pinehurst” or even Victory Heights.

Reminder: Bill Pierre Properties Development Meeting Saturday

The meeting on Saturday, May 19th to help come up with ideas for what should be done with the Bill Pierre properties and how it will impact Lake City Way opens for registration at 8:30 AM and begins at 9 AM at Nathan Hale High School, 10750 30th Avenue NE. It runs until 1 PM, you can drop in and participate for as long as you want.

Return of the Door-To-Door Solicitors

The nice weather has brought out one of the unfortunate side effects of city living, the door-to-door solicitor.  Neighbor Shelby reports,

This individual was an African American female in her early 20’s, maybe younger, who was talking about a program for teen mothers.  She had been to my neighbor’s houses and knew their children’s ages.  I told her nicely that I didn’t have time to talk with her and she said “Well, the great thing about that is that everyone else does.” and walked quickly away, talking on her cell phone, obviously extremely angry.  She was a fast-talker and it was hard to understand what she was selling or promoting.  We have had other solicitors with a similar method (mentioning other kids on the block) in the past.

The Seattle Police Department reminds you it is a good idea not to OPEN your door, and recommend that you answer your door without opening it. Just talk through the door. If you ask the person to leave, and he/she does not leave, please call 911. And it is illegal for a solicitor to come to your door if you have a No Solicitors sign posted. Please call 911 if the person does not leave immediately once you tell them this. See the complete document from the SPD on dealing with solicitors.

Let us know if a solicitor comes to your house in the comments section. If someone could get a photo of them, we could also post it and discourage them and others from working our neighborhood.

Thorton Creek Restoration Work Party This Sunday

Rick reports,

We are meeting this Sunday for some restoration work and possible re-vegetation in KingFisher Natural Area*. we are now meeting every 1st and 3rd Sunday of the month.

Please join if you can, and sign up on the CEDAR portal.

See you soon


* Better known as the Thornton Creek green belt.


Meet at 10 AM at the trail head at 17th Ave NE and the Creek (only accessible by car from the north and east).

Update from Seattle Police Crime Prevention

In a message to block watch Captains, the Seattle Police Crime Prevention unit announced:

Dear Block Watch Captains/Contacts:  Sending you a few items of interest.

1.       The North Precinct Burglary/Theft Unit continues to follow up on recent burglary arrests done by North Precinct patrol officers, and  due in some part to your watchfulness and good 9-1-1 calls.  The 19 year old serial occupied burglar and auto thief who was hitting the north end neighborhoods hard approx. 8 weeks ago has been charged with nearly 10 years.  He is in jail and won’t be released for a long time.

2.      A 39-year old, white female was arrested last week for multiple burglaries in the north end, some in which the residents were home at the time of the crime.  She confessed to detectives that she is an addict, and she preferred burglaries to prostitution. She spent the day with detectives showing them houses she had hit.  She told the detectives that she was surprised how many people leave their house keys out in  mailboxes; or on the front porch (she found keys in a pair of shoes on front porch).  Please re-think the hide-away key.  You may think it is unusual to put in under a paving stone, or huge flower pot, etc. but burglars who do this for a living, know our hiding spots.  She also told the detectives that she often looked in the windows and could see the desirable loot in plain sight (purses, cash, electronics).

3.      I talked with a gentleman today who lives in the Maple Leaf neighborhood.  Evidently, yesterday during the glorious weather we had, he was gardening in the front yard.  A thief, unseen by neither the homeowner nor nearby neighbors, entered this home through the unlocked back door and took cash and prescription meds. from a back bedroom.   I know it may be inconvenient to keep your doors locked when you are home and gardening, but these crimes are quick and contribute to our burglary rate increases during summer months.

4.      The Phinney Ridge blog was filled with reports of suspicious magazine solicitors so I attach information on Residential Sales from the City’s Dept. of Finance and Admin. for your perusal.

5.      National Night Out is coming on August 7th but some block watchers are inquiring about registration already.  J  I will send out an email when the registration information is on the website.

Thanks for sharing this information with your neighbors and distribution lists.

Seattle Police Crime Prevention


You can read the document about door-to-door salesmen here.