Man Attacks Girl in Victory Heights Park

Nancy has a disturbing report about her daughter Thursday night:

Very scary event happened today at Victory Heights Park today at about 5:30-6pm.  Our daughter was at the park looking for dog tags she had lost, telling her sister that she’d be home in 10 minutes.  At the park, a man who’d been sitting on a park bench came up to her and said “hi”.  Our daughter replied, “hi”.  He then told her, “come with me, I want to show you something”.  Sadie pulled her cell phone out and told the man that her mom was calling (which I wasn’t). She started running away from the man, he ran after her, grabbed the back of her shirt.  She elbowed the man in the face, and ran down the street to hide.  He was running after her.  She did not come back to our house b/c she was afraid he’d know where she lived.  She hid for well over an hour (as I was looking all over the neighborhood for her….very scared.).  Sadie is home and fine, but  we are very shook up.

We have called the police, and they have patrols out looking for this guy.  Keep your eyes open for a man about 30 yrs old, shoulder length straight brown hair, green eyes, baggy tan shorts down to his knees, black tee shirt, well-groomed beard (no mustache), about 5’8″ tall, thin frame.  No accent.

Please keep your eyes open for him and if you see him tonight, call 911….the cops are out looking for him.

Garbage Strike Won’t Affect Victory Heights Service Thursday

Per a press release from Seattle Public Utilities (SPU), an on-going strike by Teamsters which affects Waste Management employees won’t effect collection on Thursday in Victory Heights, which is done by Cleanscapes.

Disruptions in solid waste collections likely in Seattle tomorrow

Customers missed today asked to put out all garbage, yard waste and recycling next Wednesday


SEATTLE — As a strike by Teamster Union Local 117 continues, Waste Management is reporting that nearly all of its business and residential garbage, recycling and yard waste collections have stopped in Seattle today — and that many routes, in all wastes streams, will likely remain uncollected by the end of today.

The company also warns of continuing disruptions in solid waste collections tomorrow, Thursday, July 26.

Seattle Public Utilities SPU) asks recycling customers who were missed for collection today to put out their recycling next Wednesday, Aug. 1. There will be no charge for additional items placed at the curb.

Thursday customers should put their garbage, yard waste and recycling out before 7 a.m. tomorrow.

The strike could affect about 60 percent of the city, in Northwest and South Seattle (see attached map). Teamster Local 117’s contract with Waste Management expired May 31. In Seattle, Local 117 represents only recycling drivers, and other drivers are covered by separate labor agreements. However, Waste Management is reporting that yard and garbage drivers also stopped collecting today.

Collections by CleanScapes, which covers about 40 percent of the city (see map) are not impacted by the strike.

SPU Director Ray Hoffman said that although the City of Seattle is not part of the negotiations between Waste Management and the Teamsters, he expects the two parties continue to engage in good faith negotiations toward a speedy and successful outcome.

Under its contract with the city, Waste Management is required to continue services in the event of any disruption. Specifically, any missed collections due to any labor complications must be collected later in the week, or the following week. Waste Management will not be paid for any non-service.

The contract allows the city to deduct approximately $4,500 per day in payments to Waste Management for any services that are not completed the next day. For any interruptions that continue more than a week, contractors can also be fined substantially for service failure, up to $250,000 per day.

“Protecting public health and safety will continue to be the city’s guiding principle throughout this collection disruption,” Hoffman said.

SPU will provide updates as needed. Customers with solid waste service issues or concerns may call the Call Center at (206) 684-3000.

Customers with labor/union questions or concerns should contact Waste Management or Teamsters Local 174.

Learn more about Seattle Public Utilities, at:

Follow SPU on Twitter:


10th Annual Victory Heights Jokem Fest August 11th

The 10th Annual Victory Heights Jokem Fest will be held on Saturday, August 11th, 2012 at Schudie’s Grotto, aka the backyard of Gary Schudie’s house, 2021 NE Northgate Way. Featuring live music, tamales, roasted turkey and beverages, the public is welcome and can bring side dishes.

Acoustic music will be featured in the Grotto from 1 PM – 3 PM followed by these scheduled acts:

3:00 – 3:50 – Bear Creek Boys w/Shawn Stecker

4:10 – 5:00 – Papa Bear Band

    w/Jack Cook, Billy Reed, Don Buss & Matt Fogdall

5:20 – 6:10 – DooWah Sisters w/Connie & Allison Bigelow

6:30 – 7:30 – Hughs Blues w/G W Levell

7:50 – 8:40 – Daddy Treetops & Greg Roberts

9:00 – 9:50 – Town Hall Brawl w/Diane and Don Forsyth

Parking is encouraged on nearby side streets, or just walk on over.

North Precinct Advisory Council Seeks Victory Heights Rep

The North Precinct Advisory Council (NPAC)–not to be confused with the North District Council (read more about that organization here)–is looking for someone to be the Victory Heights neighborhood representative at their monthly meetings.

NPAC meets the first Wednesday of each month (except August) from 7:00pm – 8:30pm at North Seattle Community College (unfortunately the same time and day as the North District Council meets in Lake City–couldn’t someone coordinate this better?). NPAC is a community organization devoted to promoting partnership between residents, schools, businesses, and the Seattle Police Department to effectively address public safety issues. Its purpose is to establish a mechanism for the community to communicate its concerns to the Police Department and City Government, and may do its part in dealing with those concerns, and enhancing public safety in the North Seattle Precinct. Council members have the opportunity to express their views and offer suggestions on how the Precinct and the community can improve the delivery of police service in the community. The council also serves as a channel to disseminate information from the North Precinct staff to Council members and their organizations.

At each meeting there is a guest speaker. Past speakers have included the Metro Transit Police Chief, Mayor Mike McGinn, the Acting Superintendent of Seattle Parks, Seattle City Council’s Public Safety Chair and many more. A question and answer period gives us a chance to voice our opinions and concerns to these city officials.

Each meeting also includes short reports to the Council by the North Precinct Captain, the Crime Prevention Coordinator, City Attorney’s Office, KC Prosecutor’s Office, Department of Corrections, Community Police Team, and Liquor Control Board.

If you are interested in being the Victory Heights representative to the NPAC, please contact Nancy at

Victory Heights Night Out Potluck August 14th

Although most of Seattle is holding the annual Night Out Against Crime with neighborhood gatherings on August 7th, Victory Heights will be holding its event a week later on Tuesday, August 14, 2012 starting at 6:30 PM.

The location will be on Victory Lane NE between NE 105th Street & NE 107th Street. Tables will be set up and neighbors are encouraged to bring a dish to share, something to drink and chairs to sit on.

Susan Causin is organizing the event through the Victory Lane Block Watch, as well as temporarily taking over for Shammara Estrada for the next few months representing the Victory Heights Community Council at the North District Council. The Community Council is hoping to have its annual meeting sometime in September.

We look forward to meeting our neighbors (and spreading the word about the blog) at the potluck, see you there!

SPU Outlines Knickerbocker Project Status

Click for larger image

Tuesday night, employees of Seattle Public Utilities (SPU) met with local residents to discuss the status of the Knickerbocker Floodplain Restoration Project at the site location (the walkway at 20th Ave NE and NE 100th Street). They outlined the funding, construction timeline, work, and goals of the project.

Contrary to what Sound Transit officials said last month, funding for the project is coming from a Capital Improvement Project grant of SPU that will be voted on in November 2012. Sound Transit’s interest is to increase the wetlands area as mitigation for the work at the Northgate Link Light Rail station, but the Knickerbocker project is not dependent on that money.

Construction would need to be done between July 1, 2013 and August 31st, 2013 due to impact to fish migration. During the work, Thornton Creek would be diverted into pipes via pumps (possibly generating some noise, although the possibility of using quieter electric pumps was mentioned). As can be seen in the map above, the channel of the creek would be moved slightly north with a much wider floodplain added to collect runoff during storms.The pedestrian bridge that is part of the 20th Ave NE walkway would be replaced by a larger prefabricated bridge 80 feet long and five feet wide just west of where the current one is located. The existing bridge at the west end of NE 100th Street would be replaced with a rock crossing similar to the one on the 17th Ave NE trail.

The main objectives of the project are flooding and fish (less of the former, more of the latter). The project is of scientific interest as well and will be studied to see if the Hyporheic Zone (an aquatic environment that exists within the stream bed sediment) can be improved in an urban area.  The test wells that were sunk last month were the first part of that study.

Invasive plants within the project zone (the dotted line on the map) such as ivy and blackberries would be removed and replaced by native plants and trees.  When completed, only two parking spots will be at the location. SPU was worried garbage trucks might lose their turn-around area but were reassured that those vehicles always back down the many dead-end streets of Victory Heights so they can easily access bins and then drive straight out.

Residents seemed mostly positive about the project, the only hesitation was about the name. Apparently “Knickerbocker” was a woman who owned part of the property for only a year, never built on it, and then sold to the city. SPU seemed amenable to a name change although there was no consensus on a better one. (For my money, I say keep it unique. If you do a search online or call up SPU and say “Knickerbocker” they instantly know what you are talking about; a more generic name runs the risk of obscurity. Feel free to discuss this in the comments section.)

Curiously, nobody at SPU has the least idea what was going on near the Les Schwab on Lake City Way on Tuesday as dozens of trees were removed on the south side of Thornton Creek by a large crane (a small bulldozer was also spotted on the north side across from Summa).

Further public meetings will be scheduled in the autumn to discuss the final design stages of the Knickerbocker Project. Stay tuned for announcements when it happens.

North District Council Meeting July 18th

The North District Council meeting this month will be held Wednesday, July 18th at the Lake City branch of the Seattle Public Library, 12501 28th Ave. N.E., at 7 PM.  Normally meetings are held the first Wednesday of the month but it was postponed due to the July 4th holiday.  There is no meeting in August.

Want to know more about the North District Council? Read our articles about it:

Part 1: Introduction to the North District Council

Part 2: How Representatives Are Chosen

Part 3: Is the District Council a squeaky wheel or just public relations?

Part 4: Representing Victory Heights

Kingfisher Work Party Sunday

Rick reminds us of the biweekly (1st and 3rd Sunday of each month) Thornton Creek restoration work party coming up on the 15th beginning at 10 AM:

Hello everyone,

We are meeting this Sunday, please join if you can, we need your help! Tell your friends.

Additionally there is a work party hosted by Ruth at the Beaver Pond Natural Area,  Tuesday the 17th. (East of Northgate library.)

See you all soon, and don’t forget to register at Green City Partnerships.

What to Bring

Hand tools, gloves, eye protection, water, dress for the weather, sturdy boots and long sleeves. Extra gloves and tools may be provided. **We currently do not have a need for power tools**

Where to Meet

Meet at the creek where it intersects with the 17th Ave NE trail

Where to Park

Street parking near trailhead located at intersection of 17th Ave. NE & 104th St.
**17th Ave is only accessible from the North and East**

Date & Time

July 15, 2012 10am – 12pm