Thornton Creek Kingfisher Work Parties Resume Sept 2

Rick invites you to the resumption (after a summer break) of biweekly (1st and 3rd Sundays of each month) Thornton Creek restoration work parties starting with this Sunday, September 2nd at 10 AM.

What to Bring

Hand tools, gloves, eye protection, water, dress for the weather, sturdy boots and long sleeves. Extra gloves and tools may be provided. **We currently do not have a need for power tools**

Where to Meet

Meet at the creek where it intersects with the 17th Ave NE trail

Where to Park

Street parking near trailhead located at intersection of 17th Ave. NE & 104th St.
**17th Ave is only accessible from the North and East**

Date & Time

September 2, 2012 10am – 12pm

Goats Want Your Yard Trimmings

L to R: Thelma and Louise

Terri Bell on Victory Lane has hungry goats and they would love your garden trimmings. If you have pesticide free plants destined for the city compost, consider saving them for her goats, Thelma and Louise. Tasty morsels include: pea vines, prunings from fruit trees (not cherry) – including leaves and twigs, carrot and beet tops (roots too, if you haven’t eaten them), chard, kale and other greens you aren’t eating, pumpkin vines (not as tasty as the pumpkin itself), sunflowers, etc.

Goats cannot eat plants of the nightshade family: tomato, potato, eggplant, peppers, and tomatillos. Nor should they eat leaves from cherry trees, rhododendron, azaleas, or hops.

If you attack a blackberry patch or scotch broom, goats would take care of the cuttings. Leftover pumpkins after Halloween are a gourmet treat. Excess fruit and prunings from the fruit tree and many other trees as well as the dried, fallen leaves.

If you have a pile, Terri will pick-up. Or, if you want to meet the goats, you can bring the goodies by. Terri (and the goats) are located at 10538 Victory Lane NE (where the Block Party was held) or you can e-mail her at Come see the daily milking at 5 PM each day.


The Seattle That Wasn’t: Freeways Through Victory Heights

In 1960, city planners proposed three north-south freeways through Seattle, one of which would have crossed Victory Heights right over Thornton Creek!

Long-time residents might recall the proposed R.H. Thomson Freeway or at least seen the “off ramps to nowhere” on the west side of the Evergreen Point floating bridge that would have connected with it. It would have been the eastern of three parallel north-south freeways cutting through Seattle that appear on a 1966 planning map that is available from the Central Library.

The big map shows the entire city, the thickest black lines denote freeways. The Northwest Freeway followed Highway 99, cut over to Fremont, headed north to Holman road, then back to following 99. What is now Interstate 5 would have been called the Central Freeway, and the R.H. Thomson freeway would have run through the Arboretum (!), intersected 520 (the off ramps that still exist), tunneled under the ship canal, and then run up 25th Ave NE, Ravenna Ave and then Lake City Way out to Bothell. An east-west connector between the Northwest Freeway and the Thomson would have run along N. 110th Street (Northgate Way). If you click the blown up section, at Roosevelt Way, the crosstown freeway would have turned southeast and traveled down Thornton Creek to connect with the R. H. Thomson Freeway at NE 98th Street.

It’s unimaginable now to think how our city (and our neighborhood) would been impacted by all these freeways. We would have been no better than Los Angeles. Fortunately, public protests at putting a freeway through the Arboretum in 1969 led to a vote in 1972 that canceled the projects forever.

Neighbors Enjoy Block Party On Victory Lane

Victory Heights’ Night Out Block Party was held on August 14th and attracted 30 or so residents and children on Victory Lane for a potluck dinner. It was a nice chance to socialize and get to know everyone, from the family who just moved in this year to the couple who’d live here over 40 years. Ruth Williams, Seattle Tree Ambassador from the Thornton Creek Alliance was handing out flyers, and North District Council representative Susan Causin passed out flyers about emergency preparedness.

Fresh salmon from Pike Place Market was grilled up, and dishes included chicken, lasagna, and an apple pie.

Susan announced the Victory Heights Community Council would have its annual meeting on October 10th, time and place to be determined.

Jokum Fest Crowds Enjoy Summer Music

The 10th annual Jokum Fest, held in Gary Schudie’s backyard on Northgate Way, was a big hit Saturday. With gorgeous weather, awesome music, and plenty of food and beer on hand, people from far and near made their way to “Schudie’s Grotto” as he calls to sit, listen, eat and socialize.


Plenty of food and drinks were on hand for attendees at Jokum Fest this year.

The Bear Creek Boys perform as warm up over six hours of live music at Jokum Fest.

“Stranger Danger” Prevention Meeting For Adults August 14th

Despite the recent “assault” case in Victory Heights Park turning out to be a hoax, Amy Lang is hosting a meeting for parents and adults (no kids allowed) to learn how to keep kids safe from “stranger danger” and abduction on Tuesday, August 14th (the same evening as the Victory Lane Block party, which is where I’ll be at).

The meeting will be lead by Kim Estes, a child safety expert who will enlighten attendees with non-scary and non-fear based tips and tricks to keep your kids safe in the world. The cost for the event will be $19 a person or $29 for a couple.

The address is 10209 20th Ave NE Seattle, WA 98125, and will start at 7 PM.

Amy asks that you RSVP ahead of time at


Park Attack Revealed As Hoax

The attack of a young girl in Victory Heights Park on July 26th was revealed as a hoax Sunday night.  Sadie, who made the original complaint, had made up the story in order to not get in trouble for leaving the house without permission, her parents reported in an e-mail sent to neighbors. In a statement, they said, “We are embarrassed and saddened by the disruption and cost this has created on multiple levels in our family and in our community.” Sadie was made to apologize in person to officers at the North End Precinct and offered a formal apology letter which has been forwarded to the Sexual Abuse & Child Abuse Unit.

Weekend Activities

If Seafair and the hydro races aren’t your cup of tea this weekend, there are plenty of other activities going around our neighborhood. First, Pinehurstfest will be Saturday, August 4th from 2-5 PM at the Pinehurst Playfield, 12029 14th Ave NE. The flier describes it as “a free festive family outdoor celebration for everyone in our neighborhood.”

Up in Lake City it’s the 70th (!) Annual Pioneer Days with a Salmon Bake and model railroad exhibit Friday and Saturday, a kids parade Saturday and then the Grand Performance Parade.

If space exploration is your thing, the Mars Curiosity Rover is scheduled for a Martian landing at 10:31 PM Sunday night. Stream coverage online or watch on the NASA channel.