Yo Ho! Halloween Ghost Ship “Crashes” on NE 103rd Street

Over the weekend an impressive nautical Halloween display was constructed in the front yard of Jon Bunnell’s house at 2024 NE 103rd Street. It is a large scale model of a sailing ship that appears to have crashed on the rocks in front of the house with a prow that extends out over the street. On Halloween night visitors will be welcomed to Jon’s house, dubbed for the night the “Admiral Benbow Inn” (“Treasure Island” fans take note) and view the ship which will be decked out with sails, a skeleton figurehead on the front, and working (potato) cannons.

Jon was assisted by friends and neighbors including Kerry Knestis, owner of New Classic Homes. He donated almost all of the scrap material, which pleased his wife Amy Lang (who runs Birds and Bees) and dedicated the weekend to working on it. Kerry is happy to recreate the ship if anyone wants one of their own, or anything “normal” built. Their son Milo had the idea of making the ship crash out of the rockery, and provided his cannon. The figurehead is being built by Dan Knauff, who lives just north of the park. When he isn’t working in a cabinet shop, or juggling, Dan dabbles in large scale puppets and figures. Also on the crew was John Adams. Although not legally a Victory Height resident, he lent a lot help of during the build, using his architects eye for some of the details. Other folks have donated misc ropes, anchors, sails, etc.

Jon says, “My daughter Norah loves it, and my wife Kristin has offered to let me keep it, as long I live aboard permanently….. Hope to see people on Halloween!”



Victory Heights Community Council Meeting November 29th

Susan Causin, the Victory Heights representative to the North District Council, announced the second meeting of the Victory Heights Community Council will be held on Thursday, November 29th at the Community Center/pre-school building in Victory Heights Park (the intersection of 19th Ave NE, 20th Ave NE and NE 107th Street) beginning at 7 PM.

The first meeting was held October 10th in Lake City when the Community Center couldn’t be secured in time. Originally the November meeting was scheduled for the 28th but there was a conflict with the pre-school.

We’re hoping for a good turnout, most neighbors will be able to walk to the meeting, and it is a week after Thanksgiving.  Watch for road signs advertising the event.

Abracadabra – Head Rush Espresso Vanishes

Now you see it, now you don’t.  Head Rush Espresso, the infamous “bikini espresso stand,” disappeared from the car park of the former Italian Spaghetti House (soon to be Bob’s Lake City Liquors) on Lake City Way today.  The stand which was constructed on the site in May and opened in June presumably lost its lease for the site which will be used as a parking lot for the new business still being remodeling.  Never popular with residents, with the bikini stand gone are we now just left with the lessor of two evils?

Help Prevent Street Flooding

With the return of rains at the exact same time the leaves are falling, we need to keep storm drains clear to prevent flooding in the streets (the bottom of NE 100th St is particularly vulnerable).

If you see leaves beginning to block a drain, take a minute to clear them away.

Seattle Public Utilities even is sponsoring an “Adopt-A-Drain” program and will even give out free gloves, bags, brooms, rakes, and safety vests, as well as help with leaf disposal.

After you sign up online or by calling 206-233-7187, you can pick up supplies at SPU’s warehouse on East Marginal Way this Saturday the 20th or Saturday the 27th.

The Revived Victory Heights Community Council Is Go

The first meeting in several years of the revived Victory Heights Community Council was held Wednesday night, not in Victory Heights itself but the Seattle Mennonite Church in Lake City (more on that in a bit).  A dozen people including speakers showed up and heard Susan Causin, our representative on the North District Council, gave an introductory speech in lieu of Shammara Estrada who was home with her new baby (congrats!).

Brad Cummings then gave a short presentation (see photo) about the history of the Victory Heights Community Council. In its heyday (over a decade ago), meetings at the Community Center in Victory Heights Park would attract a number of active dues-paying members as well as city councilmen and other VIP speakers. Community events included egg hunts in the park for kids. Eventually fewer and fewer people attended meetings as people’s lives got busier but also Victory Heights’ unique and rather stable situation as a single-family housing neighborhood without any businesses that doesn’t really see a lot of change or upheaval to motivate folks.  Brad has continued to oversee the bank account for the council even though he hasn’t written a check in over nine years. He also revealed the existence of three sandwich boards he had stored for alerting the community about upcoming activities (watch for these on display in coming months!).

I was then asked to say a few words about the blog and social media. One burning question was what was the blog’s purpose versus that of Next Door Neighbor. I explained that Next Door is a closed-loop social media where people post items or news about themselves that only get distributed to other members. While it is immediate (particularly when suspicious activity is occurring), I see the blog as more Big Picture since it’s not really about things happening directly to me but what’s going on in the neighborhood at large. Maybe folks see that as all the same thing, feel free to choose for yourself.

In lieu of Terrie Johnston, the Seattle Police Department’s Crime Prevention Coordinator who was home sick in bed, Phillip Duggan, the co-chair of the North District Council (and who runs the Pinehurst blog) stepped in to talk briefly about the work that Terrie does including free home and business security inspections.  If you are interested you can contact her at the North Precinct, 206-684-7711.

Janet Arkills from the Lake City Neighborhood Alliance distributed fliers with community group contact information as well as a brief summary of the Bill Pierre property situation in Lake City. She was very well-informed and a great resource (did you know putting in a new sidewalk in Seattle costs $1 million per mile?) Which is why we’ll never see any in Victory Heights in our lifetimes…

Eileen Canola then talked briefly about how the city awards grants for improvements such as traffic circles. There has been a movement to get one put in 23rd Ave NE, it just takes persistence to make it happen (Brad illustrated this point by talking about construction projects like at 5th Ave NE and Northgate Way which were being planned as far back as the 1990s but only now got funded and built).

Everyone seemed keen to have further meetings, and it was decided to hold the next Victory Heights Community Council meeting at 7 PM on Thursday, November 29th tentatively at the Community Center in Victory Heights Park.  Susan had worked tirelessly to secure that location for Wednesday’s meeting but neither the Parks Department nor North Seattle Community College was able to provide assistance beforehand. But earlier this week I was contacted by someone at the Cooperative Daycare at the community center who has the necessary authority to let us use the building in future. Thank you, Kara, for your help!

Watch for sandwich boards alongside the streets announcing future events (and plugging this blog).  If you have a “prime” location (for example, on NE 107th, 19th Ave NE, 23rd Ave NE or NE 100th) and would like to volunteer a few feet of your lawn by the side of the road for us to display a sign, please drop us a line. Thanks!

 [This article was edited on October 28th to change the date of the next meeting.]

Victory Heights Community Council Meeting October 10th

Susan Causin, Victory Heights’ representative to the North District Council, has announced the inaugural meeting (or at least the first in nearly a decade) of the Victory Heights Community Council and invites all our neighbors to attend.  The meeting will be at 7 PM, Wednesday October 10th at the Seattle Mennonite Church on 125th between Lake City Way and 35th (the old Lake City Theater location that long-time residents might recall).  The parking lot can be accessed by an alley from 125th alongside the church or on 33rd.

On the agenda will be the following items:
Introduction and purpose of meeting – Shammara Estrada
History of Victory Heights Community Council – Brad Cummings
Victory Heights and social media – Ryan K. Johnson
LCNA, Pierre Report and other Lake City area questions – Janet Arkill
Funding projects – Eileen Canola
Open forum
Agenda for the future

Please come and help build our community (and find out why we can’t use the Community Center at Victory Heights Park for meetings).  See you there!

Twitter Feed Features Seattle Police Neighborhood Activity

Until now, the best way to get real time police activity was to have a police scanner (or an iPhone app–several are available) but the signal-to-noise ratio is pretty bad with most calls being irrelevant to the average citizen.  But now, per this article in the Seattle Times, you can get a Twitter feed that features news and activity from the Seattle Police Department (SPD) targeted for specific neighborhoods.  Victory Heights is PDL2 in SPD lingo, or more formally, North Precinct, Sector Lincoln, Beat L2.  Their twitter feed is here. You can visit the feed with a browser or follow it with your Twitter account.

Incidentally, if you hear sirens from fire or aid trucks and want to know where they are rushing to, this page from the Seattle Fire Department provides real-time 911 dispatches, just click on the “Today” button to generate an up-to-the-minute listing.

Lost Cat on 23rd Ave NE

Ardi and Fred write

Our gray and white kitty is missing.  He is tall with long legs and long tail.  He does not have a collar on.

Last seen around 2 pm on Monday at the corner of 104th Way and 23rd NE

His name is Supah

We’d love to know if you have sighted him.  We are very worried.

The Luptons

206 526 0470
206 661 0728