Olympic Hills Elementary To Be “Lab School” For Community

From the Families For Lake City blog, families in the north part of Victory Heights who send their kids to Olympic Hills Elementary (as opposed to Sacajawea) may find this interesting. The school is hosting Seattle School District’s first ever “Lab School” for parents and community members showcasing Reader’s Workshop in action.

All parents and community members are invited to attend whether or not they have a student enrolled at Olympic Hills. Participants will be introduced to components of Reader’s Workshop and get to observe a classroom engaged in the workshop model from beginning to end.  This will be followed by a debriefing session with the teacher, school Literacy Coach, and the Principal.


The Readers Workshop curriculum provides a balanced literacy approach and is used at several Lake City area schools. This method of reading instruction was created by Dr. Lucy Calkins, a  literacy expert who continues her work at Teachers College, Columbia University through the Reading and Writing Project.


Due to the progression of topics covered, Olympic Hills administration requests that all participants attend the event for the entire duration.


Olympic Hills Elementary School Library
13018 20th Ave. NE

Thursday, February 28th
9:00 am -10:30 am.

Residential Burglaries Increase 157% From 2012

Last night at the Victory Heights Community Council meeting, Community Police Team Crime Prevention Coordinator Terrie Johnstone said residential burglaries for precinct Lincoln 2 (which also includes Lake City, see this PDF map from the city, we’re in L2) went from 14 for the first 50 days in 2012 to 36 for the year to date in 2013. Breaking it down further, she said 21 residential burglaries were within the limits of Victory Heights this year so far.

Read the complete minutes of the February 2013 meeting.

Terrie was accompanied by Officer Kipp Strong of the Seattle Police Department and is available to the public for free home security surveys, inquiries about 911 follow up calls, and dealing with chronic crime. She can be reached at 206-684-7711 or terrie.johnston@seattle.gov . As part of her survey, she advises keeping heavy objects (like lawn ornaments) away from sliding glass doors or large windows where they could be used to break-in. Also, most burglaries occur during the daylight hours between 9 AM and 3 PM when strangers can blend in more easily with delivery and maintenance people in a neighborhood without arousing suspicion.

Burglars like unoccupied houses, so if someone knocks on your door, answer it without opening it, just to let whoever it is know someone is home. Don’t ignore knocking or doorbell rings. And Officer Strong said, “I’d rather be bothered by a suspicious magazine salesman call than having to dust for fingerprints.” He added, “We need your eyes” and that we know our neighbors and what looks suspicious.

And as many people now use cellphones exclusively, it’s important you always know your location if you need to call 911. Unlike a landline, cells don’t automatically display an address for the operator when you call 911. In King County, there is a service called Smart911 where you can register your cell number, so if you do call, information will be available to first-responders.

Other speakers at Tuesday’s meeting included Seattle Department of Transportation representative Art Brochet about the city’s upcoming paving project on NE 125th Street, a summary of last’s month Thornton Creek Alliance meeting about E. coli pollution in the creek, and a Treasurer’s report.

The next meeting will be on Tuesday, March 19th, 7 PM at the Preschool in Victory Heights Park. Speakers will include Sound Transit on the Northgate Link Light Rail station going in at Northgate.

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Victory Heights Community Council Meeting Feb 19th

The monthly meeting of the Victory Heights Community Council will be on Tuesday, February 19th, starting at 7 PM at the Pre-school in Victory Heights Park. Everyone in the community is encouraged to attend.

[Update] Council President Ardi Lupton says the agenda will include:

Safety for women (I have printed out the safety information) 15 copies.

Recent crime reports.

Art Brochet from transportation department would like to speak on the upcoming repaving in Lake City http://www.seattle.gov/transportation/pave_ne125.htm

I imagine the local “crime wave” might be a topic of discussion with the number of robberies, car prowls, and mysterious midnight callers being reported in the neighborhood lately.

Draco The Duck Waddles To New Digs

Mamma Duck (on left) and Draco

Mamma Duck (on left) and Draco

Draco, former famous fugitive duck, and his spouse Mamma Duck have been relocated to the front yard, reports owner Terri Bell. With the ducks now housed in a raccoon-proof house, Terri said, “Each morning they are released to roam the yard searching for bugs and slugs and unruly garden plants. We’ll have to work on that last one.”

The Bells are going to resist letting them hatch ducklings for now without further modifications to the fence to prevent tiny escapees.

If you’d like to stop by Victory Lane, Terri says, “You are welcome to come by and see them. Our son has discovered that they like goldfish crackers and breakfast burritos. You’re welcome to toss them a little stale bread as you walk past. They would prefer you toss them a worm or slug, but I’m not so sure I’m comfortable with people tossing slugs into my garden! When hungry, they answer to the call of ‘Duck, duck, duck, …'”

Their house is the one with the chain-link fence, “with an all dirt yard, large trench, woodchips in the driveway, and all sorts of unfinished work.”

Car Prowls Vex Victory Lane

Thursday night, a number of residents on Victory Lane discovered car prowls and thefts of some items. Chris said, “Woke up this morning to a open car door and a missing items from my Jeep. Friendly local car prowlers are at it again. Reminder to keep valuables out of sjght and locked inside when possible.”

Good advice. I park outside all the time and I used to keep a lot of loose change and a cellphone charger in my car. These are tempting targets for opportunists, so I cleaned out the car leaving only cloth shopping bags and an ice scraper inside.

Keep an eye out if you can, and report any suspicious activity to the police (they do keep records of activity and will react when a trend appears to be going on in a particular area).

EveryBlock Signs Off

Each day I check various websites to see what is going on in our neighborhood. One of my daily stops has been EveryBlock, a site that automatically harvested news from various sources, blogs, and police reports for individual neighborhoods. As of February 7th, they have ceased to be. My guess is digesting other people’s news couldn’t generate enough revenue to continue. I suppose that means it will be non-profit blogs like ours that will take up the slack.

Meanwhile, if you want to know what police activity is going on in and around Victory Heights, I highly recommend subscribing to the Seattle Police Department’s Twitter feed for our area.

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Sacajawea Open House February 13th

sacajaweaSacajawea Elementary School, 9501 20th Ave NE, will be hosting its annual Math and Science Fair and Kindergarten Open House on Wednesday, February 13th. Hear presentations from Principal Barry Dorsey and the Kindergarten teachers, and then join the school community during their annual Math & Science Fair.

The Kindergarten Open House is from 5:30 PM to 6:30 PM.

The Math and Science Fair will be 6 PM to 7:30 PM.

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