Trash Pickup On Friday This Week

As it happens every year the week of Thanksgiving, trash collection in Victory Heights will occur on Friday this week instead of the usual Thursday pick up. Please be sure to have your containers out by 7 a.m. on Friday to ensure collection.

Customers can report a missed garbage, yard waste or recycling collection by calling (206) 684-3000 or by clicking on “Report Missed Collection” at SPU’s web site,

Compost Your Giblets: Seattle residents can place all of their unwanted Thanksgiving leftovers, including green bean casserole, aspic, mincemeat pie, turkey bones, celery, yams, potatoes, fruitcake and paper napkins in their food and yard waste carts. The food scraps will be made into compost for local gardens and parks.

Don’t be a Turkey: Property owners are responsible for their side sewer connections to the city’s sewer system. Sewer clogs often happen during the holiday season when disposing of leftovers.  You can prevent this by pouring used dairy products, fats, oil, grease or greasy foods into a lidded container and placing it in the trash – NOT down the sink drain.

Second Little Free Library Added To Victory Heights

librarymapThe second Little Free Library has been installed on 23rd Avenue NE in Victory Heights and ready to lend books. The first Little Free Library, located near the park, started on November 3rd, and now thanks to Robert Gordon, the second is open for lending on the corner of NE 104th Way and 23rd Avenue NE. Assisting Robert with the installation was Keith Dekker and Fred Lupton.

Left to right: Keith Dekker, Robert Gordon and Fred Lupton next to Victory Heights' second Little Free Library.

Left to right: Keith Dekker, Robert Gordon and Fred Lupton next to Victory Heights’ second Little Free Library.

Residents now have two locations where they can find free books to borrow as well as leaving ones for others to have. If you have any spare books, please visit the new library and donate them.

Great job, everyone!

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Community Council Focuses On Emergency Preparedness

Last night’s monthly meeting of the Victory Heights Community Council focused on emergency preparedness. Cheryl Dyer, a volunteer from the City’s Seattle Neighborhoods Actively Prepared (SNAP), gave a talk about how to prepare for a disaster that might cut off electricity, water, gas, and possibly food.

Read the full minutes of the November meeting.

If you live in Victory Heights, you might soon be visited by a block captain who can give you literature from the city about what steps to take in advance of an emergency, as well as what to do in the immediate aftermath. The city will also hold, block by block (as organized by the captains), one-hour presentations where they boil all the information into the essentials. It is emphasized over and over, in case of a catastrophic disaster (particularly an earthquake, but the recent power outage after the windstorm shows what can happen) residents would be left to fend for themselves, perhaps for days maybe a week, before outside assistance could arrive. It’s imperative for each household to have enough water, food, light sources, and a way to keep warm and dry for several days.

Other items discussed at last night’s meeting was the new Little Free Library that has been installed on NE 106th just west of the park. A second is coming soon to 23rd Avenue NE. Holiday Caroling will return in December to Victory Heights, stay tuned for details. And stolen mail from boxes on Goodwin Way prompts reminders that residents should use locked mail boxes.

The next meeting with be on Tuesday, December 17th.

Thornton Creek Work Party Sunday

thorntoncreekalliancelogoThe Thornton Creek Alliance is sponsoring a work party to help clean up the Kingfisher Natural Area (aka Thornton Creek) on Sunday, November 17th starting at 11 AM.

Help restore Thornton Creek at Kingfisher Natural Area by planting trees and tree friends! They have cleared a lot of ground along the main trail on both sides of the creek, so it’s ready for ferns and understory. Please meet at the Job Box on the lower 17th Avenue Trail, accessible from the intersection of NE 104th Street and 17th Avenue NE, on the Victory Heights side of the park.

Come prepared for the weather. Please wear waterproof shoes, long pants and sleeves. A personal water bottle is suggested. Snacks provided.

More information at their site.

Victory Heights Community Council Meeting November 19th

This month’s meeting of the Victory Heights Community Council will be on Tuesday, November 19th starting at 7 PM at the Pre-School in Victory Heights Park. The featured speaker will be from the city’s Office of Emergency Management (rescheduled from last month) who will discuss emergency preparedness. We’ll also get an update on Victory Heights’ new Little Free Library, and other issues relevant to our neighborhood.  Everyone is invited to attend, remember all the chairs there are for children, so bring your own if you want a full-sized one.  See you there!

City Librarian Community Conversation November 16th

The Seattle Public Library provides many resources both at branch libraries and online. However, they want to know if there are other programs, resources, books or materials that would more effectively support our community. To learn more about how the Library can better serve the community, Marcellus Turner, the City Librarian, will be hosting 12 Community Conversations around the city over the next several months. Turner will be at the Lake City Branch, 12501 28th Ave. N.E., on Saturday, November 16th from 1:30 to 2:45 PM. Light refreshments will be served.

Turner is particularly interested in hearing from patrons on five Library service priorities: Youth and early learning; technology and access; community engagement; Seattle culture and history; and re-imagined spaces.

Can’t make that date?, here is the full schedule of appearances here.

Legislative Town Hall Meeting November 12th

With the election season now behind us, those interested in politics can turn their focus onto the actual process of government and attend a Legislative Town Hall Meeting on Tuesday, November 12th at North Seattle Community College.  Similar to the event held in March, 46th District State Senator David Frockt along with Representatives Gerry Pollet and Jessyn Farrell, will host the meeting, talk about the legislative session for next year, and of course take your questions.

The doors open at 5:30 PM at the NSCC Cafeteria, 9600 College Way N, with the meeting running from 6 PM to 7:30.

Victory Heights Little Free Library Open For Business

Little Library 3Victory Heights now has its first of two planned Little Free Libraries up and running. Located just down the street from the park, passerbys will be able to borrow and add books to the custom-made shelters built by resident Robert Gordon. The boxes protects the books from the elements while enabling people to see the titles inside. Have an extra book lying around that you would like to lend? Put it in the library. Help yourself to a book as well, anyone can use it. You’ll find the Little Free Library on the north side of NE 106th Street, just east of 17th Avenue NE (due west from the park).

Little Library 1

Keith Dekker (left) and Robert Gordon installing the Little Free Library on NE 106th Street

Meanwhile, Robert is hard at work on the second Library which will be located on 23rd Avenue NE. Thank you Robert and Keith for your hard work!

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