Upcoming Events Schedule

Here are upcoming events and meetings around town you might be interested in:

Thursday, January 30: Thornton Creek Alliance Meeting. 7 PM, Meadowbrook Community Center, 10517 35th Ave NE. “Learn about important renovation projects, planting details, community benefits, and how you and your family can volunteer to get your hands dirty.”

Thursday, January 30: Parks Legacy Plan Meeting. 7 PM, Bitter Lake Community Center, 13035 Linden Ave N. As the Parks Department works on its proposed ballot measure, the Lake City Community Center would like to see funding increased. Come show your support.

Friday, January 31: Chinese New Year. 7 PM, Lake City Community Center, 12531 28th Avenue NE. Demonstrations and a Chinese Lion Dance at 8.

Saturday, February 1: Hands-On Skills Fair 2014. 10:00 AM-5 PM, Meadowbrook Community Center. Presented by Sustainable NE Seattle. Skills include beer brewing, bike repair, gardening, sewing and more.

Sunday, February 2: SuperBowl XLVIII. 3:35 PM, Channel 13. Find a friend and cheer on the Seahawks versus the Broncos.

Wednesday, February 5: North District Council Meeting. 7 PM, Lake City Library. Representatives of the Lake City Farmers Market will be there.

Saturday, February 8: Feet First Second Annual Stairway Walks Day. 10 AM, Maple Leaf and Thornton Creek. Eighteen different tours are being given around the city simultaneously featuring different stairways. Here in Maple Leaf/Victory Heights: We’ll visit Thornton Creek, the largest year-round stream in Seattle, which provides a central theme.  We’ll cross and re-cross it; view it bank-side and from tree-canopy height. And we’ll see how it’s been re-engineered by both humans and animals.” Lead by Ruth Williams, President of the Thornton Creek Alliance. The walk will take 4.7 miles, 326 steps down, 136 steps up. Cost is free although they ask a $5 donation per person. Space is limited, sign up here.

Saturday, February 8: Neighbor Appreciation Day. A citywide event sponsored by the Department of Neighborhoods.

Saturday, February 8: Passport to Imagination. 10 AM – 2 PM, Northgate Community Center, 10510 5th Ave NE. An event for families and kids to inaugurate their new playgound.


Answer Our Survey: How To Spend $50,000

As you have read here and here, CleanScapes has awarded a $50,000 prize to be used somewhere in Victory Heights/Pinehurst/Lake City/Maple Leaf/Northgate for improvement projects. The Victory Heights Community Council would like to hear from residents about what we should put our efforts into for awarding a project in our neighborhood (we may end up splitting money with other communities, it’s not all-or-nothing). We’ve created a survey after a brief brainstorming session and would like you to vote on your favorite proposal (or suggest your own!).



CleanScapes Accepting Project Proposals Through April 15th

At last night’s meeting of the Victory Heights Community Council, representatives from CleanScapes described in detail the process of awarding the $50,000 our neighborhood (shared with Lake City, Northgate, Pinehurst and Maple Leaf) received for reducing our waste last year (down 8.37% from 2012–woo hoo!).

Read the full minutes from the January Meeting.

While anyone in Seattle can propose a community improvement project, it must be located in the “Thursday North” collection area and “visible and easily accessible to the public.” The deadline for proposals is April 15, 2014, and afterwards in May and June, a selection committee made of representatives from each neighborhood’s community council will make the final determination of which projects to award the money to. Full details about the selection process can be found here, and a FAQ is available from CleanScapes here. If you have any good ideas, please bring them to future meetings of the Community Council or submit them on your own.

Other business at the meeting included the Seattle Police Department’s Community Police Academy Program, a free series of 11 meetings on Thursday evenings beginning March 13th to help residents become “familiar with various facets of the Seattle Police Department and gain insight into law enforcement’s role in the criminal justice system and the daily work of police employees.” Applications to participate are due in by January 31st.  More info at: http://www.seattle.gov/police/programs/policeacademy/

There will be a meeting of the Parks Legacy Committee on January 30th at the Bitter Lake Community Center at 7 PM in order to show support for improved staffing and getting more funding for the Lake City Community Center which is in woeful shape. Currently Lake City is only one of three in the system not staffed by the Parks Department and is so outmoded that it has no sports courts and no elevator.

The Lake City farmer’s market is looking for support this summer (i.e. come and shop!) when it resumes on Thursdays in June with new 3-7 PM hours.

And plans are afoot to replicate the success of last year’s Neighborhood Night Out, scheduled for August 5th, 2014.

The next meeting of the Community Council will be on Tuesday, February 18th, 2014 starting at 7 PM at the Preschool Building in Victory Heights Park.

Thornton Creek Gets NPR Shout-Out

Pb180388A story on National Public Radio’s “Morning Edition” today on daylighting streams mentioned Victory Height’s Thornton Creek. In the piece about efforts in Cincinatti to bring back an underground stream, they said, “It’s been almost seven years since Seattle spent $14 million to uncover Thornton Creek, it spurred $200 million in private development including a retirement community and a movie theater,” referring to Thornton Place at Northgate.  You can listen to the entire three minute story here.

Does 20th Ave NE & NE 105th Street Need Traffic Calming?

Looking north at the intersection of 20th Ave NE and NE 105th Street

Looking north at the intersection of 20th Ave NE and NE 105th Street

A topic that came up during last month’s meeting of the Victory Heights Community Council was a proposal to do some sort of “traffic calming” [Seattle-ese for traffic circles, yield signs, or speed bumps] at the intersection of 20th Avenue NE and NE 105th Street (the SE corner of Victory Heights Park). The is where 20th Avenue “jig jogs” as it crosses NE 105th to 19th Avenue NE, an uncontrolled intersection with many blind corners. However, speaking with the residents whose houses surround the intersection found most felt nothing needed to be added.  “People are careful,” said Jim whose tan house can be seen in the photo, directly behind where northbound 20th Avenue “T”s out. His driveway is on the 19th Avenue side (facing the park), and although he always exercises a lot of caution when backing out, he thinks people slow down at the intersection.

Jerry, his next door neighbor, also doesn’t see the need for a traffic circle, although he pointed out he never lets his children cross the intersection without him present because of the blind corners. He wasn’t against a yield sign being put in.

His neighbor across the street was very adamant against putting anything in the intersection, particularly a traffic circle, saying, “I’d be against that.”

In fact, four of five of the neighbors I spoke with said they’d never seen an accident at the intersection and seemed to think it was okay as it was.

However this view was in contrast to Sarah, who has lived on the corner for three years, and reported several near misses and an accident a year ago in which a tow truck had been required. She was in favor of yield or stop sign going in.

The consensus definitely was against putting in a traffic circle, like the one that already exists just one block north at NE 106th Street, or the one soon coming a few blocks east at 23rd Avenue NE. But maybe we haven’t heard the last of this. Feel free to add your comments below.

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Victory Heights…On The Shore Of Thornton Bay

islandsWhat if the world’s ice sheet melted (à la Waterworld)? Unlike that movie, the entire Earth would not be flooded, but sea levels would rise 240 feet. What would this mean for Puget Sound and Victory Heights? According to this map titled “Islands of Seattle” developed by Jeffrey Linn, the waters of Thornton Bay would be lapping at our borders but we’d still (mostly) be on dry ground.  Check it out!


Victory Heights Community Council Meeting January 21st

The first meeting in 2014 of the Victory Heights Community Council will be Tuesday, January 21st at 7 PM at the Co-Op Preschool Building in Victory Heights Park.  Among the topics that will be discussed is how to spend the $50,000 prize from CleanScapes (that we will be sharing with Maple Leaf, Pinehurst, Lake City and Northgate). A representative from CleanScapes is scheduled to come and tell us more about it.

Plus the usual discussions about crime, traffic, winter storms, and paying our bills. Everyone is invited, remember to bring your own adult-sized chair if you want, all the ones at the school are for kids.