More CleanScapes Award Proposals

At last night’s meeting of the Victory Heights Community Council, the results from last month’s SurveyMonkey poll were read out which asked residents which idea they liked best to submit to CleanScapes for the $50,000 award our neighborhood is sharing with surrounding areas.

Read the full minutes of the February meeting.

The most popular choice, adding a greenway or pedestrian path down NE 104th Way to Lake City Way, unfortunately would cost far more than $50,000 because of cost of the sewer work and sidewalks that would need to be installed. Many of the proposals centered around improvements to Victory Heights Park. Annie Fanning, a volunteer forest steward for Green Seattle Partnership, made a presentation for putting some large boulders near the trail head on Thornton Creek at 17th Avenue NE that “could provide seating out of the mud for meditation and quiet enjoyment of Thornton Creek.” She estimates this could be done for less than $5,000, but permission from the city would be required. Remember that anyone can submit proposals to CleanScapes prior to the April 15th deadline, the only requirements are it has to be a community improvement project, located in the “Thursday North” collection area, and “visible and easily accessible to the public.” In March, the Community Council is hoping to crystallize support behind one or more ideas and submit them on our behalf.

Other topics covered in the meeting included an attempted break-in at a residence on NE 106th Street, across from the park, on the morning of February 11th. After a back window was smashed by a large rock, an alert person at the nearby preschool heard the noise, observed a car with suspicious people parked in front of the house, and called 911. The car drove off with three occupants, who never got inside the house. The police arrived 10 minutes later and investigated. Moral of the story: see or hear something suspicious?, call 911!

And planning is beginning for another Neighborhood Night Out street party on Tuesday, August 5th, following up on the very successful one held last year.

The next Community Council meeting will be on Tuesday, March 18th. We love to see new people come and participate!

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Crosscut: Victory Heights “Most Average” Political Neighborhood

On Wednesday, Benjamin Anderstone writing on Crosscut did a story about Seattle’s five most liberal and conservative neighborhoods, based on voting records. And for a coda, they determined Victory Heights was politically the most average neighborhood in the city.

Victory Heights ranks close to Seattle’s average demographics on race, income, education, and other political predictors. The neighborhood also has a mix of single-family homes, young renters, and senior living facilities. It’s heavily Democratic, culturally liberal, left-leaning on taxes, and a fierce battleground in most competitive local races. If you could bottle Seattle politics, it would taste a lot like Victory Heights.

You might recall I printed election results from the 2012 Presidential race that showed precincts in Victory Heights voted overwhelming for Obama.

Victory Heights Community Council Meeting February 18th

The next meeting of the Victory Heights Community Council is Tuesday, February 18th at 7 PM at the Pre-school building in Victory Heights Park.  Everyone is invited.

Among the things we’ll be discussing are narrowing down ideas to submit for the $50,000 CleanScapes award.  The deadline for proposals is April 15th.  Maybe you already answered our poll of possible suggestions. Help us come up with the best idea to help improve Victory Heights.

We’ll see you on Tuesday! (Don’t forget to bring your own chair if you don’t want to have to sit in a kiddie chair).


Nearly 2 Inches Of Snow But Roads Passable

Looking east down NE 100th Street

Looking east down NE 100th Street

After an overnight snowfall that KOMO is calling the largest in two years, it is still possible to drive around Victory Heights. With nearly 2 inches of snow on the ground that started around 7:30 PM Saturday night, the roads don’t look too bad, although there is some ice present.  If taking a hill to get off Victory Heights seems too daunting until temperatures warm up later today, head for Northgate Way which is plowed and clear. Drive slowly and safely!

Upcoming Kingfisher Natural Area Work Parties

Photo courtesy Annie Fanning.

Photo courtesy Annie Fanning.

It’s that time of year again for volunteers to head down to Thornton Creek and help plant trees and clear out non-native plants. The Kingfisher Natural Area (KFNA) has had a terrific year thanks to the Maple Leaf-Victory Heights community and Green Seattle Partnership (GSP)! They’ve clocked over 200 volunteer hours during Fall 2013 and planted over 200 native plants and trees throughout the park with help from neighbors, local Boy Scouts, and Nathan Hale students.

Here are the dates and links to sign up:

Meet at the job box just inside the park on the Victory Heights side at NE 104th and 17th Ave NE. Dress in layers for the weather. Wear sturdy shoes — waterproof is always good. Long sleeves and long pants are recommended. Bring a personal water bottle if you have one. Snacks provided.

Volunteer hours are recorded and tracked providing GSP with community match for grants and our park with tools, plants, mulch, and other resources. (The more volunteer activity we post, the more resources our GSP-supported Natural Area receives.)