Pierre Property Workshop Develops Ideas

Don Moody, representing Bill Pierre, addresses the workshop attendees

On Saturday, May 19th, around 80 people turned out at Nathan Hale High School to brainstorm ideas for developing the Bill Pierre properties in Lake City. About half the attendees were students, interns or urban architects brought in by the University of Washington which is working with the Pierre family to plan the redevelopment of the land for the betterment of Lake City. The rest were residents of Lake City and nearby neighborhoods. After introductions by Pierre’s representative, Don Moody, people were broken up into eight smaller groups to focus on four specific sections of Lake City Way and the Pierre properties that are under consideration for development.  Afterwards, presentations on the ideas each group came up with were outlined to everyone.

While the entire exercise might just be public relations by the Pierre family and they are not bound by any of the suggestions made by the public or UW, some interesting proposals were made. Nearly every group suggested putting in a Trader Joe’s somewhere! Green spaces, pedestrian and bike paths were also common ideas, as well as some very innovative multi-use development that if built, would make Lake City a destination neighborhood in Seattle. One person even suggested a water park.

Moody made the point that it would be 2 or 3 years at the very least before the first shovel begins digging any new buildings on the Pierre properties, but if even half of what was proposed ever came to pass in Lake City, in 10 years residents (particularly realtors) might actually boast about being located in Lake City rather than these days when it’s all “Cedar Park,” “Pinehurst” or even Victory Heights.

Reminder: Bill Pierre Properties Development Meeting Saturday

The meeting on Saturday, May 19th to help come up with ideas for what should be done with the Bill Pierre properties and how it will impact Lake City Way opens for registration at 8:30 AM and begins at 9 AM at Nathan Hale High School, 10750 30th Avenue NE. It runs until 1 PM, you can drop in and participate for as long as you want.

More Resources For Bill Pierre Properties Development

In addition to the meeting planned on May 19th to discuss the future development of the Bill Pierre properties in Lake City, there will be a chance to meet the team informally this Thursday, and a new blog has started.

May 3rd at Kaffeeklatch, 12513 Lake City Way NE, at 7 PM, Douglas Park Cooperative and Families for Lake City are hosting Marty Curry and UW interns. They will conduct  mental mapping exercises to help focus their vision of Lake City.

The same team have started also a blog, Lake City Way Visioning Project.

The meeting on Saturday, May 19th opens for registration at 8:30 AM and begins at 9 AM at Nathan Hale High School. Help come up with ideas for what should be done with the Bill Pierre properties and how it will impact Lake City Way for years to come.


Next Bill Pierre Development Meeting May 19th

Shammara Estrada, Victory Heights’ Community Council Representative, reports,

Not sure if you are aware of this – but Bill Pierre has begun plans for redevelopment of his vast property along Lake City Way. The family has contracted with the UW Urban Design and Planning Department to facilitate planning efforts and engage the community in the conversation for the future of this property. They are primarily looking at issues such as connectivity, uses, etc and not specifically what will be built there. There will be a blog up soon with updates and more information.  If you are interested in being a part of the process, they will be having some visioning sessions.

When: Saturday, May 19, 9am-4
Where: Nathan Hale High School
What: Broken into two segments, the morning half will focus on the general framework for the property and the second half will be more small group break out sessions. For those of you that want to be included but cannot commit to a full or half day, there will be an area set aside for those just wanting to leave their ideas and comments.
Though technically in Lake City (though the city seems to think Victory Heights extends to NE 125th), the Bill Pierre properties represent a large amount of land ripe for change. What would want/not want to see there: Big box stores? Supermarkets? More “adult entertainment” venues? Parks? Here’s your chance to have your say.