Burglary Rate Falls But Residents Worry About Crime

At last night’s meeting of the Victory Heights Community Council, residents heard a presentation by Elizabeth Scott, the Crime Prevention Coordinator from the North Precinct of the Seattle Police Department (SPD), who said that compared with a similar period last year, burglaries are down in the Lincoln 2 sector that Victory Heights is part of.

Read the entire minutes of last night’s meeting.

However this did not assuage the concerns of some residents who, citing personal experience (and recent articles in The Seattle Times), felt SPD was not treating property crime seriously. Even though her job is helping residents with crime preventation, and not being a spokesman for the department, she said dispatchers have to prioritize cases and burglaries can be a lower priority at times depending on what other calls are coming in. “There are limitations to what we can do.”

Given the recent publicity in The Times, the new police chief, Kathleen O’Toole, said they would be reviewing police procedures. It is still important to report any robberies because it does provide data to the police department of what is happening where and how resources are allocated. On the prevention front, Elizabeth reminded us to lock your doors, make sure your house looks occupied even when it’s not, and store and lock up any ladders or tools that are outside that could be used to enter your house.

Meanwhile, if you need to report a non-emergency such as a homeless encampment or abandoned car, you can call 684-CITY, or use the new Find It Fix It app for your Android or iPhone. For added safety, you can register your mobile phone at Smart911.com with your personal information which would then be displayed if you ever call 911 to let them know who you are and your home address, which might be invaluable during an emergency.

And while burglaries are down, car thefts are up, particularly if you drive a 1990s Honda, Toyota or Subaru. Very often these cars are used by joy riders who leave them on the side of the road afterwards. Lock your cars, use a Club, and never leave valuables inside.

The next meeting of the community council is Tuesday, December 16th, 2014 at the Co-Op Preschool building in Victory Heights Park starting at 7 PM.


More CleanScapes Award Proposals

At last night’s meeting of the Victory Heights Community Council, the results from last month’s SurveyMonkey poll were read out which asked residents which idea they liked best to submit to CleanScapes for the $50,000 award our neighborhood is sharing with surrounding areas.

Read the full minutes of the February meeting.

The most popular choice, adding a greenway or pedestrian path down NE 104th Way to Lake City Way, unfortunately would cost far more than $50,000 because of cost of the sewer work and sidewalks that would need to be installed. Many of the proposals centered around improvements to Victory Heights Park. Annie Fanning, a volunteer forest steward for Green Seattle Partnership, made a presentation for putting some large boulders near the trail head on Thornton Creek at 17th Avenue NE that “could provide seating out of the mud for meditation and quiet enjoyment of Thornton Creek.” She estimates this could be done for less than $5,000, but permission from the city would be required. Remember that anyone can submit proposals to CleanScapes prior to the April 15th deadline, the only requirements are it has to be a community improvement project, located in the “Thursday North” collection area, and “visible and easily accessible to the public.” In March, the Community Council is hoping to crystallize support behind one or more ideas and submit them on our behalf.

Other topics covered in the meeting included an attempted break-in at a residence on NE 106th Street, across from the park, on the morning of February 11th. After a back window was smashed by a large rock, an alert person at the nearby preschool heard the noise, observed a car with suspicious people parked in front of the house, and called 911. The car drove off with three occupants, who never got inside the house. The police arrived 10 minutes later and investigated. Moral of the story: see or hear something suspicious?, call 911!

And planning is beginning for another Neighborhood Night Out street party on Tuesday, August 5th, following up on the very successful one held last year.

The next Community Council meeting will be on Tuesday, March 18th. We love to see new people come and participate!

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Arson Suspected During Burglary On 20th Avenue NE

From the Seattle Police Department Blotter:

Neighbors observed smoke coming from a North Seattle home and called Seattle Fire Department (SFD).  On 5/26/13, just shortly after 9:00 p.m., officers responded to a home in the 11000 block of 20 Av NE . SFD was already on scene and advised officers that when they arrived they found the front door open with its window broken out.  SFD contained the fire which appeared to have been started in a back bedroom closet.

After further investigation, it was determined that the residence had been burglarized and then a fire started.  The suspects attempted to enter via a basement door and when that didn’t work they entered through the front by breaking the window.

It is unknown at this time if anything was taken. Arson Bomb Squad (ABS) responded and took over the scene.  CSI responded also and processed the scene.

 Anyone with information about this crime is asked to call 9-1-1. Anonymous tips are welcome.

Victory Heights Community Council Meeting Feb 19th

The monthly meeting of the Victory Heights Community Council will be on Tuesday, February 19th, starting at 7 PM at the Pre-school in Victory Heights Park. Everyone in the community is encouraged to attend.

[Update] Council President Ardi Lupton says the agenda will include:

Safety for women (I have printed out the safety information) 15 copies.

Recent crime reports.

Art Brochet from transportation department would like to speak on the upcoming repaving in Lake City http://www.seattle.gov/transportation/pave_ne125.htm

I imagine the local “crime wave” might be a topic of discussion with the number of robberies, car prowls, and mysterious midnight callers being reported in the neighborhood lately.

Victory Heights Crime Map For October 2012

The Seattle Police Department’s (SPD) crime statistics map for October 2012 showed relatively little activity in Victory Heights last month.  There was a home burglary on October 15th on the 10400 block of 20th Avenue NE, and three car prowls on October 25th, 27th and 28th respectively up near NE Northgate Way.

Burglar Discovered During Break-In

Julie on NE 107th reports,

Jens and the kids pulled up to our house about 45 min ago to find a black athletic bag to the side of the front steps of the house.  They went inside and found the bathroom window wide open.  On going back outside to the front porch, a young man was running off down the street with the bag.

Description of the man (from the back):
White, in his twenties with dark brown hair cut short in the back, longer on top. Medium height. Wearing khaki shorts, a blue/tan/grey letter jacket, black high tops with white laces.

In the black bag:
a couple movies, a couple audio books, a beer, cigarettes, and some pieces of white cardboard

I’ll report this to the police shortly.

A few neighbors reported seeing suspicious window washers working the area last week.

There were also a number of reports about car vandalisms that occurred on Saturday on 20th Ave NE and NE 105th Street.

Mini Crime Wave Over Weekend

EveryBlock has two police reports from Victory Heights over the weekend, the first, a bike theft that happened sometime during the night of Friday, May 25th in the 1700 block of NE 106th Street; the second, a forced-entry burglary in a home in the 11000 block of 20th Ave NE that was discovered on May 27th but could have occurred as early as the 24th.

In addition, over in Pinehurst on 11th Ave NE on May 27th a home invasion at a marijuana growing operation resulted in the intruder shooting the home owner. The Seattle Police Department blotter has more details.