Community Council Tackles Nuisance Houses

Last night’s meeting of the Victory Heights Community Council had a focus on the recent SWAT team bust of a house on 19th Avenue NE which resulted in the arrest of the occupant for dealing narcotics (heroin specifically). Drug dealers have apparently been targeting empty or abandoned houses in the area in which to do business.

Read the full minutes of last night’s meeting.

Nearby residents have attempted to contact the legal owners, some of whom are local, but others are foreclosures now owned by a bank, in an attempt to deal with this situation, either by maintaining the property and keeping out squatters or selling the houses to buyers who will improve them and revitalize the area. Calls to the city do help, as the squeaky wheel does get oil, so if you see suspicious activity around an empty house, call it in. Meanwhile, work continues behind the scenes with the hope of resolving this situation before long without having to resort to mobilizing neighbors and kicking up a fuss in the media.

Also, be on the lookout for a woman who follows UPS and FedEx delivery vans and then steals packages off of porches. She’s been spotted up on NE 113th Street, as well as stealing out of mailboxes.

In other business, not much has happened with the traffic circle project on 23rd Avenue or the proposals that were submitted to CleanScapes to win funding. The Neighborhood Night Out is still in the planning stage and will be held, like last year, next to Victory Heights Park starting at 6 PM on Tuesday, August 5th as a potluck.

Neighbors are encouraged to attend the Lake City Farmers market each Thursday.

The next meeting will be at Heidi Smeller’s house, 1717 NE 105th Street on Tuesday, July 15th.

Victory Heights Community Council Meeting Sept. 17th

Hi, Victory Heights, we’re all back from our summer holidays and ready to resume monthly meetings of the Community Council after our very successful Neighborhood Night Out last month. The next meeting (and you’re all invited) will be held at 7 PM on Tuesday, September 17th at [UPDATE]: Monica’s house, 10512 17th Ave NE, on the corner of 17th and NE 106th (just down the road from the park). Get news and information about what’s going on in our neighborhood as well as discuss future plans for the organization. We hope to see you there!

New Location for Community Council Meeting July 16th

The July 16th meeting of the Victory Heights Community Council will be held at the home of board member Heidi at 1717 NE 105th starting at 7 PM. A misunderstanding with the Northgate Community Center meant we could not use the Pre-School this month (but we’ll be back in September).

Tuesday’s meeting will mostly be focused on organizing the Neighborhood Night Out which is scheduled for August 6th on NE 106th next to Victory Heights Park. We’ll find out if we received a SPARKS grant from the city to help cover expenses, and work out distributing flyers throughout the neighborhood.

We’ll also get an update from the Emergency Preparedness Committee, news on the proposed traffic circle on 23rd Avenue (spoilers if you’ve already read this article), and hear how a Council board member was able to take a bite out of crime by solving his own break-in case.

Everyone in the neighborhood is welcome to attend,  just don’t forget the new (temporarily) location. There won’t be a Community Council meeting in August because of the Night Out event, the next meeting will be September 17th back at the Co-Op Pre-School in the park.

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UPDATED: Community Council Meeting Places This Summer

Updated: June 6th: The Victory Heights Community Council will NOT be moving its meetings this summer. Thanks to negotiations with the Parks Department and representatives of the Co-Op Preschool, we can continue to use the Preschool Building in Victory Heights Park for our June and July meetings (August is still being skipped in lieu of the Neighborhood Night Out event on August 6th). We hope to see you at our usual location in the Park on June 18th.

Previous: The board of the Victory Heights Community Council announced new venues for general meetings this summer due to unavailability of the Co-op Preschool building in Victory Heights Park. It was decided it was better to hold meetings in homes within Victory Heights rather than try and get public rooms in Lake City, Northgate or Meadowbrook.

The June 18th meeting will be at Ardith Lupton’s, 10408 23rd Avenue NE, on her deck (it’s covered in case of rain) starting at 7 PM.

The July 16th meeting will be at Heidi Smeller’s, 1717 NE 105th Street, starting at 7 PM.

In August, in lieu of a general meeting, we will be organizing a Neighborhood Night Out near the park on August 6th. More details on that as we get closer.

The public is always welcome at our general meetings, a good place to talk with other neighbors, see what issues are affecting Victory Heights, and hear presentations. Please come, we hope to see you there!

Community Council Seeks Emergency Block Captains

Last night’s meeting of the Victory Heights Community Council included a presentation from the Emergency Planning Committee about how our neighborhood should respond in the event of a catastrophic disaster that shuts down the normal means of communication and travel. To that end, a map has been created with each block in Victory Heights broken down into “zones” with the hopes of finding a Captain for each zone who would first liaise with residents in their zone in coming months, distribute city brochures on emergency preparedness, and in the event of an actual emergency, contact their neighbors, and be responsible for relaying information to a central location.

Read the full minutes of the May Meeting.

The city and emergency planning experts advise that every household should be prepared to be self-sufficient for up to three weeks before outside aid, food, electricity or water might be restored in case of a disaster. The purpose of the Planning Committee is to make residents aware of what they should do beforehand, as well as letting them know what plans for the community have been put in place. If you would like to volunteer as a Captain for your block, please let us know. The Committee will train Captains for doing outreach as well as supply all the brochures and information they will need. We all hope of course that such a disaster never occurs but we want to be ready if it ever does.

Other items discussed at last night’s meeting included the Spring Clean scheduled for Saturday, the recent break-ins in the area and how to let the police know about suspicious activity (we are their eyes and ears, call 911 if you see something that looks wrong), building a Little Free Library near the park so folks can exchange books, and organizing the picnic/Night Out in late July or early August for the entire neighborhood.

The next meeting will be Tuesday, June 18th, at a location to be determined (the Pre-School doesn’t have use of the building in the park during the summer months).

April Events Calendar

A quick look at what’s coming up in and around Victory Heights in April:

Tuesday, April 16th: Victory Heights Community Council Meeting. Everyone in the community is invited to the monthly meeting to discuss issues, events, and build a better neighborhood.  7 PM at the Pre-school in Victory Heights Park.

Friday and Saturday, April 26 & 27th: Olympic View Elementary Plant Sale. Get growing with vegetable and fruit starts, herbs, flowering annuals, premium perennials, pottery, garden art, and more! 9 AM to 7 PM, 504 NE 95th Street.

Sunday, April 28th: Sundays Are Special Celebration at the Northgate Public Library. It will feature refreshments and a craft event for families, along with the Check-Out Challenge game and information about new Library services. 2 PM to 3:30 PM, 10548 5th Avenue NE.

Community Council Hears From Sound Transit and Neighborhood Emergency Preparedness

Last night’s monthly meeting of the Victory Heights Community Council featured presentations from Sound Transit and about SNAP (Seattle Neighborhood Actively Prepared).

Read the complete minutes of the March meeting.

First up, Roger Iwata from Sound Transit told residents about the expansion of the Link Light Rail from Northgate up to Lynnwood that is expected to be finished around 2023 (two years after the Northgate station opens in 2021). The preferred corridor is along the I-5 right-of-way with various stops (to be determined) in North Seattle, Shoreline, Mountlake Terrace and then the Lynnwood Transit Center. A Draft Environmental Impact Statement will be issued in June and formal comments can be submitted.

Secondly, Sandy Motzer, Director of the Lake City Emergency Communication Hub, explained about the city’s SNAP program and how, as part of disaster preparedness, volunteer sites are being set up all around the city to relay emergency information via ham radio to and from city officials in case regular communications fail. Sandy is organizing one for northeast Seattle that will be based in the parking lot of the Fred Meyer in Lake City (the next closest ones to Victory Heights are the top of Maple Leaf or Hunter’s Tree Farm in Wedgwood). Plans are underway to organize here in Victory Heights so we will be aware of what resources are on hand should we need them (who has generators, who are doctors or nurses, ham radio operators, etc). Want to volunteer to help the HUB? Sandy would love to hear from you, e-mail her at There is a city-wide simulated emergency drill that will be conducted on May 11th.

In other news, Victory Heights might be getting a new traffic circle if the vote goes our way at next month’s North District Council meeting. Eileen Canola has been campaigning for one to be installed on 23rd Ave NE and NE 105th Street for several years and after much organizational work (and paperwork), the end is nearly in sight as the NDC prepares to distribute this year’s Street Funds from the city.

Plans are underfoot for the community council to host a party for the entire neighborhood in the park sometime this summer. Stay tuned as details are sorted out.

The next meeting will be on Tuesday, April 16th at 7 PM in the pre-school in Victory Heights Park.

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Northgate Sound Transit Presentation Thursday

As part of the regular Pinehurst Community Council meeting on Thursday, a representative of Sound Transit will be giving a presentation on its Link Light Rail extension to Northgate and beyond. The meeting will also include a talk about online communities for Pinehurst, an election for officers, and FREE PIZZA.

Pinehurst Community Council Meeting

Thursday, December 6th @ 6:30 pm

Pinehurst Amante Pizza and Pasta
12319 Roosevelt Way NE

Also, you can bring new socks/gloves/scarves/hats for the Seattle Police North Precinct Holiday Sock Drive and they’ll deliver them for you.