Draco The Duck Waddles To New Digs

Mamma Duck (on left) and Draco

Mamma Duck (on left) and Draco

Draco, former famous fugitive duck, and his spouse Mamma Duck have been relocated to the front yard, reports owner Terri Bell. With the ducks now housed in a raccoon-proof house, Terri said, “Each morning they are released to roam the yard searching for bugs and slugs and unruly garden plants. We’ll have to work on that last one.”

The Bells are going to resist letting them hatch ducklings for now without further modifications to the fence to prevent tiny escapees.

If you’d like to stop by Victory Lane, Terri says, “You are welcome to come by and see them. Our son has discovered that they like goldfish crackers and breakfast burritos. You’re welcome to toss them a little stale bread as you walk past. They would prefer you toss them a worm or slug, but I’m not so sure I’m comfortable with people tossing slugs into my garden! When hungry, they answer to the call of ‘Duck, duck, duck, …'”

Their house is the one with the chain-link fence, “with an all dirt yard, large trench, woodchips in the driveway, and all sorts of unfinished work.”

Draco The Duck Returns Home Safely

Terri Bell and Draco the duck safe at home again.

Terri Bell and Draco the duck safe at home again.

On Thanksgiving, urban farmer Terri Bell (see previous article about her goats), noticed her drake (the aptly named Draco) had disappeared from her Victory Heights backyard when her attention was distracted. It was assumed Draco had been a victim of racoons (or possibly coyotes) but instead this week he was returned safe and well after a five week adventure. Draco appears to have made a daring escape on Thanksgiving by achieving just enough flight to get over his backyard coop and down the hill to Lake City Way. Terri said, “In the past, he has never managed to raise his webbed feet more than an inch or so off the ground and for no more than seconds. But I was closed up in the kitchen all day, and he may have figured it out while I wasn’t looking.” He was discovered wandering around Lake City Way near NE 107th Street by someone who eventually cornered him and took him to Meadowbrook Pond. There, being a friendly duck and acclimated to humans, he would approach people looking for food.  Apparently the Meadowbook Pond Facebook featured Draco in some photos.

On December 30th, someone on the Ducks and Clucks blog took notice and rescued him from the Pond and put up a notice hoping he could be adopted by someone needing a drake.  Fortunately, Victory Heights resident Ruth Williams saw the picture of Draco, remembered Terri was missing a duck of that species, and Draco was returned home safely.

In the meanwhile, Terri went and got a replacement drake, Mr. Frost, who now hisses at Draco whom he perceives as an intruder.  Although Draco was originally intended as meat, Terri now says that due to the effort and kindness that has gone into rescuing him, “in the Spring, Draco and Mamma Duck will move to a new cottage in the front yard where they will be garden ducks patrolling for their favorite treats of slugs, bugs and maybe baby voles and moles!”

Terri’s goats would love your old Christmas trees. Trees must be free of snow, tinsel, ornaments, and hooks. Bring them by 10538 Victory Lane NE.