Volunteers Needed Tuesday To Distribute Neighborhood Night Out Flyers

The July meeting of the Victory Heights Community Council will be Tuesday, July 21st in Victory Heights Park at 7 PM at the picnic tables. This will be a planning meeting for the annual Neighborhood Night Out which will be held August 4th next to the park on NE 106th Street. At Tuesday’s meeting flyer packets will be distributed to volunteers who will be tasked to take them door-to-door to specific blocks around the neighborhood.  If a lot of people turn up, then each person only has to do a single street. Flyers are the best way of letting everyone know about this great neighborhood event which will again feature pot luck food, free ice cream and tables promoting various local organizations. Help make the Neighborhood Night Out a success by turning up this Tuesday to help distribute flyers (we’ll give you the flyers and a map on Tuesday, but you have a week and half in which to deliver them).

Meanwhile, Victory Heights had a small article in this week’s Seattle Weekly about our neighborhood.

And, if you want some really sobering reading, the current issue of The New Yorker has an article about how most of Seattle is doomed when the big 9.0 earthquake hits.

Emergency Drill Prepares HUB Volunteers

Interior view of the emergency HUB storage container in Lake City.

Interior view of the emergency HUB storage container in Lake City.

Under grey threatening skies that later changed to sunshine, Emergency communication HUBS around Seattle participated in a simulated disaster drill Saturday morning, including the one in Lake City located in the Fred Meyer parking lot. For two hours, volunteers at the HUB, using neighborhood “actors,” practiced dealing with different emergency scenarios, and matching them up with provided resources.

The radio room in the communications HUB.

The radio room in the communications HUB.

By 9 AM, the Emergency Preparedness volunteers had set up pop-up tents, chairs, tables, dry-erase boards, and the radio room for relaying messages to a post downtown. Regular citizens were asked to come by and pull a slip of paper from a bowl that would describe the “emergency” they had, which then had to be dealt with by the staff.

A slip I picked said “I need a tow truck, my car just died. I pushed it to the side of the road, but it’s blocking a lane of traffic.” A volunteer then collected my information and posted it on the “Needs” section of the board.  Later, Victory Heights Community Council President Ardith Lupton pulled a resource slip that said she had a truck with a tow rope that could be used to pull a vehicle. Mission accomplished!

Keith Dekker pretends to be a blind resident who needs shelter. On the left, Susan Causin posts the information.

Keith Dekker pretends to be a blind resident who needs shelter. On the left, Susan Causin posts the information.

The pretense of the drill on Saturday was an eruption of Mt. Rainier with resulting ash and lahar flows. During the last such event, lahars racing at speeds up to 60 mph reached as far north as Seattle! A vulcanologist I know told me, “And, while Mt. Rainer can produce a lahars if the eruption period last for a while, Rainer’s biggest threat to Seattle is ash and poisonous sulfur dioxide gas.” Swell. An article in yesterday’s Seattle Times about earthquakes also had this cheery tidbit,

The last megaquake on the Cascadia Subduction Zone, which runs 700 miles from Vancouver Island to Northern California, struck in the year 1700 and measured about magnitude 9. The odds of a repeat within the next 50 years are estimated at between 15 and 30 percent.

That’s pretty high odds. So be prepared. Have several days worth of water and food on hand and don’t expect immediate help from authorities in case of a disaster. More advice from the Seattle Office of Emergency Management is here.

Great ShakeOut Earthquake Drill Thursday Morning

Tomorrow, Thursday, October 17th, people all over the world will be participating in the Great ShakeOut Earthquake Drill. Locally it will “occur” at 10:17 AM. Washington State has also gotten into the act, encouraging individuals or families that register for the Great Washington ShakeOut today may be eligible to win a home earthquake retrofit worth $10,000!

Everyone, everywhere, should know how to protect themselves in an earthquake. Great ShakeOut Earthquake Drills are an annual opportunity for people in homes, schools, and organizations to practice what to do during earthquakes, and to improve preparedness.

Do you have an earthquake plan? Know how to turn off your gas or electricity? Have emergency supplies?

This Saturday, the Seattle Community Emergency Hubs will be holding a Fall Summit from 9 AM to noon at the Seattle Emergency Operations Center, 105 5th Avenue S., Suite 300. You can RSVP to Ashley.Hill@redcross.org.

There are also a number of Community Skills Training classes available in different parts of the city, see the schedule at the City’s SNAP website.

And residents of Victory Heights may soon get a visit from an emergency preparedness block captain soon. These are folks from your street going from neighbor to neighbor to let them know about disaster planning, and organizing classes with city representatives on basic preparedness training (takes only an hour!).